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  1. I have a Friend…..

    Dec 27, 2006

    The night kept growing colder & darker. Snowfall continued for the third consecutive day and the added trouble was the fresh injury in his leg. As he entered the empty lane, people had already packed themselves inside their houses-and were busy warming them and enjoying the winter season.

    As he strode past the first house their came a voice from the window-side: “O you fool! Where are you up-to this wild night
    He replied: “I have a friend who lives at the end of this lane.” -And the window was shut.

    As he moved further, there came a voice from the window-side of second house: “O you fool! Where are you up-to? And do something about your leg -you poor fellow!”

    He replied: “I have a friend who lives at the end of this lane.”

    And the person exclaimed: “You fool! Don’t you know that that friend of yours is @#%$? You are being friend to the one who’s treated @$%$^ by everyone. Oh god Save this poor soul for he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”- And the window was shut.

    Upon striding further he met with similar questions and exclamations.

    As he rang doorbell at his friend’s house there came the voice: “You fool! Where have you been all this time? -I was worried about you and searched you all around. Now get inside, have my warm clothing and sit by the fireplace.

    He laid stretched on the chair near the fire place with his friend putting balm on his injury. He stared the empty roof of the house thinking: “I have a Friend…………..

  2. Hibernation period

    Oct 30, 2006

    Hello friends.
    It’s going to be hectic time ahead.
    This week we have Hill’ffair. Hill’ffair is cultural fest of NIT Hamirpur. It’s gala time for NIT Hamirpur’ians starting this Friday {3rd Nov} till Sunday. We’ll have dances, dramatics, songs, D.J, Fashion show {the best part?} and much more.

    This time our theme is “Break Free”.

    After that I’ve final submission of minor project. My project is to design a circuit to control a stepper motor from P.C using infra red {Sounds hi-tech!!! but it’s simple}.
    After that we’ve final practical, tests, and final EXAMS?.
    And then the winter break till mid January.
    I don’t know when I’ll be back here {Blogger}. But I’ll keep updating myself with your posts.

    Suggestion needed:
    I’m designing my personal database and I’ve finalized two options for the domain name. 1> 2>
    Please suggest which one sounds better?

    So finally this is Sunil signing off. Wish you all a great time!!!.

  3. The Casanova

    Oct 26, 2006

    I don't know why i wrote these lines...............maybe this is my idea of Love.
    Walking down the flower valley,
    He entered the dense forest.

    The forest glow with the light of his face and wind whispered a tone welcoming him.- the Casanova.

    Time froze by letting the sun not to set and the moon not to rise.

    As he kept walking the dense forest he heard a whisper:
    "Oh! Casanova you’ve finally arrived. Us the witches through life have been waiting for thee.Thou hold us to thy and make us humans.
    And let the moment last forever by never leaving us."

    The Casanova wasn’t fearful because he knew there is Love involved.

    He held the witch in his arms and said: “Let me be free.”

    And he was free..........

  4. A vision

    Oct 23, 2006

    A loud cry and everyone in the bus was staring him grovel on the floor.
    His mother held his stomach which was in intense pain. In his early twenties he caught up with some cancer which was curable but treatment was a costly affair for the poor. Now I guess how that widow would have managed her life with her only son who was an added burden on her. Mostly prayers are for the well-being of someone but I guess that the old lady would be asking god for peaceful death of her only son because life was more dreadful than death. All I could do at that time was to pray for the poor soul.

    As the time moved on, this situation denied to leave my subconscious mind & I kept asking myself: “why don’t we have free medical facilities for all?” This question bears no answer but this has left me with another question: Why don’t I do something?
    Right now it’s more than a half decade to this incidence but still it appears as if it happened yesterday.

    Now I have a dream to open hospitals offering free care for the poor people & the dream is still a dream and all I’ve in this dream is a "WHAT", it still lacks "WHEN".

  5. Gotta go!!!

    Oct 16, 2006

    Hello Friends.
    Exams are knocking heavily on my door, so i've to dust off my books & study something. I have five exams in three days-Starting this Wednesday (: . The very next day {i.e. Saturday} we have Diwali so I’ll pay a visit home. I’ll be back on Sunday {22nd}, till then miss you all. Now I’ll have to dig into my books and notes. (:Wish you all a very vibrant & colorful Diwali.
    Happy Blogging!!!!

  6. Maybe

    Oct 12, 2006

    How do you feel when the very first sip of tea tastes sour?
    This is what happened with me. Before entering the engineering field I consulted all the profession maps & engineering appealed me best coz I thought I have a mind of an engineer & an eye for details?-{Ordered tea}. Getting through the cut-throat competition I managed to procure myself a seat in Electrical engineering-{got the order [tea]}. At the very initial days of my engineering I got disheartened with the rote learning methodology followed at my institute & thought this is not what I’m supposed to do. I was very repentant during my first semester-{Oops! The tea tasted sour. But there’s no other option than to drink it coz I’ve already paid the price (:}.

    During my second semester I got introduced to the usefulness of computers & internet and it was love at first sight.
    Being an electrical engineer I’m supposed to rote about power generation & transmission but my mind is always busy thinking about computers & related world-{I had no option but to drink the tea so I thought about adding sugar into it}. Now the current situation is that I’m happy getting minimum possible grades required to sit in for a placement. I believe that life is all about following your passion coz its fun doing things you love. So I’m busy editing WebPages, learning about servers & can’t put aside my novels, magazines, newspaper & writing. They say: “you came empty handed & shall leave so.” But I think I’ll carry a novel and a pen with me even to the hell {Heaven wont accept me?. One question please: do they have internet facility over there? ?}. So now the tea is manageable coz I’ve flavored it my way.

    When I leave my college I shall not have fat degrees in my folder but one thing I’m sure about is that by then I would have lived & enjoyed life worth living and that too my way. And moreover this is the only period of life when we are so full of energy & thrill to experiment new things.
    Amongst load of classes {8:30 am- 5:30 pm}, assignments, projects & exams, It’s very difficult to find few moments of leisure. Last week we had a semester break & during this I experienced a very beautiful thing. Here I would like to share it with you. One day I thought about visiting the hilltop behind my hostel-to sit there and watch the sunset. And in those moments of complete me I realized many things. And the biggest realization was about how different I’ve grown as compared to my childhood. My entire childhood has been spent admiring the beauty of nature & the contemporary me don’t even know how to pluck the leaf which when pressed on your skin bears a very beautiful design. Here is my experience of my date with nature.

    Pressed the beautiful leaf on my hand but there was no design,
    Maybe those leaves don’t bear design anymore.

    Sat to watch the sun setting but saw the moon rising,

    Maybe the sun has changed its direction.

    Was longing to hear the birds chirping but there was extreme silence,
    Maybe the birds don’t sing anymore.

    Was longing to jump into the stream and feel the cold water caressing my body but there was no stream existing around,
    Maybe those streams don’t flow anymore.

    Dejected I returned to my room and sat staring the empty walls & the spider was busy weaving his web. Maybe there are birds singing somewhere, the springs still flow & leafs still bear beautiful designs.

    Then I opened my window and glanced towards the sky,
    And the moon was busy defining the beautiful starry night. Maybe this all is just an illusion of mind, or I’ve forgotten the obvious.

  7. Deep Contemplation

    Oct 9, 2006

    It was after a long time that I interacted with myself. Rather it was a deep contemplation. Thanks to Velu for such a wonderful tag.
    8 Facts About me, that could probably help unearth a few facets of the person that I am.
    1>My credo of life:
    Simplicity & straightforwardness. The real I and what I speak/write are synonymous.
    2>I love:
    Good food, Soft music, good jokes, sleeping {which is rare now a days}, net surfing {I’m crazy about websites & their designs}.
    3>I hate:
    Liars, grouchy people, politicians & people who don’t have consideration factor.
    4>Things which attract me to anyone:
    Simplicity, commonsense & sense of humor.
    5>How I deal relationships:
    A person is not judged by kind of company he/she keeps, but by the kind of company he/she avoids. So I can’t please everyone.
    To the persons close to me I’m sincere to max but if things really become out of control. I opt to move out coz there’s no use in dragging a relation. Dragging only makes any relation bitter.
    But let me tell you that here I’m talking about friendship. I’ve never been into love kind of relation. :)
    6>One secret about me:
    I keep fantasizing about my miss right. And I don’t expect her to the princess from those fairy tales. All I need is a very simple person who loves me unconditionally. But it’s so strange to know that people just pretend to be modern by putting masks & hence hiding their real self which makes it very difficult for me to find my miss right. :)
    7>Best thing I know about myself:
    I know my mind so I seldom face problems, Coz they never seem so.
    I’m rarely stressed coz you get stressed when you don’t satisfy your mind by giving the right explanation about the miss-happening or the thing causing stress.
    I never compare myself to anyone coz I want to be me not anyone else.
    8>Dream for life:
    I always keep my parents in mind coz I want to live for them & provide them
    each and every happiness they desire.
    Regarding my personal life: I’ll always adhere to simplicity. Just want to lead a very normal life full of values, emotions & integrity.
    It's my first experiance with TAGs so I've answered all the TAGs from Velu's blog. :)
    1.Are you happy / satisfied with your blog, with its content and look?
    A: Yes!!! More than anything else. The only problem is that the story counter is only showing one where as I’ve labeled two stories. :)
    2.Does your family know about your blog?
    A: No, actually most of the time I’m in the hostel so never got a chance to share such thing with my parents.
    3.Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog or you just consider it as a private thing?
    A: Never, My blogging life and normal life are synonymous.
    4.Did blogs cause positive changes in your thoughts?
    A: Yes, I got to know so many great personalities over here.
    5.Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or you love to go and discover more by yourself?
    A: I’m regular on the blogs of friends who comment on my blog, but I do keep visiting new blogs also.
    6.What does visitors counter mean to you? Do you care about putting it in your blog?
    A: Creating a master piece in your backyard has no value. You’ve to bring it out into the world. So I think counter helps a person to keep track of people visiting his/her blog. But still I’ve not put counter on my blog coz I feel satisfied with comments itself.
    7.Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
    A: While reading any post I always try to imagine the great person behind its creation. The pic in my profile is mine.
    8.Admit. Do you think there is a real benefit for blogging?
    A: Manifold!!!! And the blogger community is the largest online community in contemporary world.
    As far as I’m concerned, blogging friends are as good as live friends so blogging is a part of life for me.
    9.Do you think that bloggers society is isolated from real world or interacts with events?
    A: No, rather I think with the freedom to project their views, bloggers play a major role in the society. Say, the Indian govt. was planning to ban blogging sites in India coz of some Ill reasons. This defines the power of blogging.
    10. Does criticism annoy you or do you feel it’s a normal thing?
    A: Positive criticism is always welcome.
    11. Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?
    A: I’m not that much interested in politics but I don’t avoid any political blog either.
    12. Did you get shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?
    A: No, every thing has got certain rules & boundaries those who tend to cross the limits are definitely liable for punishment. But still I’ve not come across any such situation.
    13. Did you think about what will happen to your blog after you die?
    A: It depends upon Google, if they’ll not delete my account it’ll be always there, though there’ll only be accidental visitors. But one thing I’m sure is that I’ll carry memoirs of good friends I’m making/ shall make over here. And hope that I’m also able to carve out such space in someone’s [Any one who’s reading my blog] heart.
    14. What do you like to hear? What’s the song you might like to put a link to in your blog?
    A: I’m fond of music. Generally I hear old Hindi songs but anything which appeals my ears is good.
    I love the song: Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya, from the movie Hum Dono. It’s very inspiring song & if you wish you may download it from Here.

    I would love to TAG, Preetha {Coz she's not yet introduced to this concept} & you,who had patience to read till this point. :)

  8. I got introduced to the words of this great saint in my childhood days. Since then, I’ve been attached to his literature. Here I’ve not written an essay on Swami Vivekananda, rather I’ve shared few rare things related to him.
    Swami Vivekananda was a great saint from India who popularized the philosophy of Vedanta universally. Those of you who are not aware about him please go through following links.
    -About Swami Vivekananda {Vivekananda.Org}
    Most of us are aware about his great speech for which he won applauds from all over the world. I’m fortunate enough to have that speech in audio format {in 2 files}. Please feel free to download {Note: There has been a controversy regarding the originality of this voice. I don’t take the responsibility of any such controversy}:
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    Hope you’ve benefited from this effort of mine.

  9. Only for you

    Oct 2, 2006

    I’ve drunk to your health in taverns,
    I’ve drunk to your health in my home,
    I’ve drunk to your health so damn many times,
    That I’ve almost ruined my own!
    -unknown author
    This one is only for you and no one shall have it. This was the response of my friend when I denied a peg of vodka on my birthday.
    C’mon mate! Don’t be paranoid. Just have it in one gulp and you’ll feel earth revolving west to east. It’ll remove all your worries & frustration.Just take a dip into the bliss infinite.
    Upon my assertion the quantity of peg was reduced to one sip, and it really worked. I felt if earth is revolving, though I don’t remember it revolved west to east or east to west. It also reduced my pain {that caused by b’day bumps}. Above all I felt bliss also coz next day was spent sleeping which is bliss itself :).
    Just one sip of alcohol had such an effect on me. Since that day I m wondering: why are people so attached to alcohol?
    Is it the taste? No! It doesn’t even smell good, taste is the last thing.
    It removes worries & frustration: No! All it does is reduction in the activity of mind for few minutes. so how can this remove worries & frustration?
    Is it a matter of style & status? No! This option is also ruled out coz a person looks better with a glass of juice than with a glass of this foul smelling liquid.
    So what’s the thing which makes people have it? Why don’t people have juice while in frustration?

  10. I died at 11:52am

    Sep 28, 2006

    Hello friends.
    I submitted this story for a story contest in my college. The caption was: “I died at 11:52am.” The word limit was 150 but I eschewed it, coz this story is itself a reward for me and nothing else matters. Results are yet to be declared.

    The Beginning of the end was when I returned to my Brother Edward’s home at the
    Lincoln Avenue of the University of Illinois. Amy (Edward’s daughter) was four then. Next day (25’Dec) was supposed to be a great day not only because it was Christmas but Amy would be turning five. Amy: The only reason why I stayed at my brother’s though I could have afforded a separate apartment for myself. There wasn’t a single moment when Amy would leave me alone. Amy couldn’t sleep anywhere except on my chest and I found it hard to sleep with someone on my chest. But again that’s how love is defined-Sacrifices without the feeling of sacrifice.
    That day I was returning home with a sample card of my engagement to Daisy. Daisy was a Christian girl of Indian origin. We met two years back at the university campus where Edward and Daisy’s dad were research colleagues. Amy saw me parking my car from the upper window and keeping her love for me in mind, there was no question she would stay over there. Full of excitement she started running downstairs and I too was in a hurry to gift her XL cocoa chocolate I had bought specially for her. I forgot that Amy was right at the low height entrance. I picked her with a thrust and her head collided heavily with the frame of the door. I sensed the wrong but then it was late. As the hands brought Amy’s face in front of mine, it had turned pale and her body was turning cold. I wanted to shout for her mother but it seemed as if something has chocked my throat. And this is the last thing I remember about me and Amy.
    When I regained my senses there was no use of regaining them. I found myself in the hospital bed. I overheard a doctor narrating the problem to Daisy.
    : “I m extremely sorry but Kevin’s (mine) brain has undergone a major stroke due to which his legs are paralyzed and also there’s malfunctioning of his speaking ability.-He’ll not be able to speak again.” Tears rolled down my cheeks. Felt like shouting out loud but couldn’t utter a single word. I was longing to know about Amy, hold her, and caress her. I glanced towards Edward who was sitting beside me. Sensing that I was asking about Amy he shook his head and tears rolled down his red swollen eyes, stating that Amy was no more.
    There was thud in my heart and the world seemed crestfallen. I wanted to jump right out of the window coz I can’t live without Amy.
    Then I heard Daisy crying and asking the doctor to save me. To her assurance doctor replied: “I m trying my level best and still there are chances that Kevin may survive, but to be fair enough he’s almost dead.”
    -ALMOST DEAD? Who’ll convince them that I died at 11:52 am itself when Amy was in my hands?
    Then a nurse injected me. Upon regaining consciousness I saw Daisy crying beside me. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was going to be a huge burden to everybody, that I had ruined my life and everybody else’s. Why not die, I thought miserably, and save everyone a lot of trouble? Daisy sensing me stopped weeping. And coming closer to me held my cold hand in hers and then she added the words which saved my life. “You are still you. And I love you.” I can’t drift away from things like this. I had to live, this was my credo now.
    A girl’s voice: Kevin!!!!
    Oh! It’s my four year daughter calling me inside to sleep. As it’s her sleeping –cum- story time I’ll have to move my wheel chair inside.
    So dear diary today I’m going to ask Daisy to narrate this story {incidence} to Amy -My daughter.

  11. Undefined Emotions

    Sep 25, 2006

    They are an group of children from the nearby slum area.
    When the clock strikes 5:30 pm they can be seen striding past my hostel, towards the academic block of my college.

    They have their own world which is difficult to express in their terms but in my terms it is: under-privileged, lacking sanitation & hygiene. In a broader sense: for them suffering and compromise has no meaning, its life itself.
    Few days back I was in hurry towards my hostel. Overtaking one such group I heard a voice from behind: “BHAIYA! AAP HUMEIN AB KYUN NAHIN PADHATE?” {Why have you left teaching us?-(Sense of the line, not the exact meaning)}. The voice had such an impact on me that I lost control of my thoughts and turned back. They all were gazing at me. Literally speaking, for a moment my mind was fixed on the question and I had the feeling of weightlessness {like the one we feel inside a lift}. I turned each and every grey cell of my mind but couldn’t get any satisfactory answer so I replied: “AB KOI AUR BHAIYA PADHATE HONGE.” {Now some other person might be teaching you}. From their expression it was clear that this was not the answer they expected. As I had some important work I moved forward.
    This incidence brought back the memories of days when I was member of the Team Literacy {A group of 20-30 engineering students who teach poor children}. It was two years back & now I’ve even forgot the name of my students {I taught fourth class}. One name which I still remember is Puju.
    Well Puju was a student from first standard but she never attended classes with her batch mates. She would either sit with her sister {who was in fourth standard} or she can be seen dozing somewhere. As soon as she was provided with any question, she would close her eyes and start dozing then and there. :). Only time span when she was active is that when chocolates are distributed to the students. - Very funny indeed. :)
    Due to various reasons I wasn’t able to continue my service into this mission after my third semester. But whenever I happen to come across through any such group of children, there’s a completely different feeling inside me & me searching an appropriate name for it.…….

  12. There were dreams dreamt together
    And suddenly there were no more dreams.

    Initially I didn’t missed you,
    May be my mind wasn’t ready to accept the hard truth.
    As the time moved on, my heart started longing for you,
    But you never turned up.

    Remember those nights spent laughing and times when you cried,
    That Laughing out loud on poor performance and feeling depressed for trifles.

    They say: you never miss someone when you love completely,
    But there are moments when I feel the void,
    Maybe I haven’t loved you completely.
    Now I m holding that love, but don’t know where to shed it.
    May be someday I’ll find you.

  13. Food for thoughts

    Sep 18, 2006

    Got late this time, was busy with exams and their aftershocks {marks:)}.
    In my previous post I shared about the change I’m experiencing in my reading habit. So thought why not encourage friends into reading!

    Let me start with a real incidence. Former U.S president Theodore Roosevelt found persons stealing his row boat. He followed them in other boat and finally caught them at the point of his gun . While returning back he was 60 kms away from his place.
    Now you might be wondering about: what makes this incidence worth quoting? Well in the meantime he covered 60 kms, he completed Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Isn’t it great?
    Normally a person is not much involved with literature (though he/she might have scored highest in college or school). But read we must. Read for fun, read for entertainment, read things which suite your taste and with passage of time you’ll realize that you read not only because books are men’s best friends but also because it’s food for soul {thoughts}.
    Once a great man handed his son a poetry book by T.S.Eliot with a complement: “with a great person in your pocket you’ll never be lone in life”.

    I would like to point out a problem which I faced in my initial days of reading as a hobby. Main problem is perplexity about what to read and what not? As per I feel, conventional novels like those of Sidney Sheldon are nothing but a mere time waste & all they give you in the end is 2-3 more words in your vocabulary. So don’t waste time on such craps.-I did and when I came across classics and good novels I thought why didn’t I read them earlier?

    Reader’s Digest defines a classic as a book which remained in print for a long time span. So if you think you have your own philosophy, start reading classics & philosophies. To name few:
    -Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy,
    My experiments with truth by Gandhi ji,
    Riot by Shashi Tharoor,
    War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy,
    Crime & Punishment by Dostoevsky,
    Hunch back of Notre dame by Victor Hugo

    One more thing I would like to point out is that many people view a novel as a mere story & read it as a story. A novel {good ones only} is much more than a story. Its imagination (universe) bounded between two covers. And if you feel that the novel at hand is a mere story, just drop that.
    So if you are not a regular reader, take a start and one day you’ll love yourself for loving books. Just be voracious reader and read what ever {relatively good} comes your way. Just discover the undiscovered horizons.

  14. A rational change

    Sep 5, 2006

    Books are men’s best friend.-truly said.
    Since the time immemorial, I’ve been highly attracted towards literature & to be precise enough books attract me more than anything else. During the initial period of this realm I was not much clear about what to read & what not to. As the time passed I adopted an approach: access all the newspapers & magazines and learn more about books (precisely bestsellers) & fetch the attractive one. Now having read more than two dozens of them, I feel a change in my attitude towards literature.

    Now the conventional fictional bestsellers do not attract me (recently tried 2-3 novels but my efforts were in vain). Now I feel an urge to read the everlasting literature (My current experiments are, Anna Karenin by Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Crime & punishment by Dostoevsky).Now I feel that a conventional novel- depicting greed, betrayal, murder etc is a time waste. And here we have nothing to appreciate except than that the plot of the novel.
    I think that this new change is good & its open handedly welcomed.

  15. Ordinary things

    Aug 28, 2006

    What is ordinary?
    According to the oxford dictionary, ordinary is normal or usual. I would say "conventional". But now who’s ordinary?
    -Is the person who’s always a topper ordinary?
    -Is the person with good looks ordinary?
    -Is the person with rhetoric accent (which generally impress people) ordinary?
    Well ordinary is a relative term & depends upon the personal conviction of an individual. Here’s my perspective about "what is ordinary"?
    As stated before, a person doing conventional things conventionally is ordinary. Then the question comes is, are not we engineers & doctors (Or any other existing realm) conventional? - Yes we are. Because most of us just follow the paths traced by our predecessors & hardly try to accomplish anything out of box. As a mountain appears more beautiful to the distant observer than the mountaineer, same is the case with any realm. But this is not my topic today. I’ll take it some other time.

    So let us calibrate ourselves whether we are ordinary or extra ordinary or prodigal.
    Blessed are people who have abilities or eye of appreciation for unconventional realms such as music, art, literature & much more to name. Because he/she is more near to him/her self. - We may say that the Person is spiritual (Note: I’ve used word spiritual and not religious. I believe spiritualism is not the attainment of god but attainment of the purpose of our very being because that itself is god, which is bliss-the ultimate happiness. I would place such people to be of highest order.).

    Coming over to ordinary.
    Ordinary is a person who does the job assigned to him to an apt level but that is the only maximum he can put into it & nothing extra, nothing out of box. & that’s the end of his vision. Or say the upper limit of his horizon. A real life example is: "Getting Placed is the foremost big thing for most of the engineering students". This is what is called a limited vision.
    Ordinary is a person who doesn’t have eye for things worth appreciation (Art, music……).

    Being a teenager I would like to bring up the most discussed subject amongst people of my age group. - Yes, You got it right. I m talking about so called the art of attracting fairer sex (talking about both). I call it flirting & time waste whereas most of us call it as the ultimate happiness. Getting attracted to a person at very first sight (termed as love at first sight & the reasons being conventional ones such as looks, style, size of purse etc. thing in which I never believe) is an ordinary thing for which you don’t need any delicacy of thoughts & perception. We may say it’s just an ordinary thing & such things happen mostly with ordinary people.

    So in a nutshell extra-ordinary is a person with traits such as:
    -Strict disciplinarian.
    -A deep thought of purpose-a philosophical mind.
    -Even mindedness: A person who’s neither jubilant at any achievement nor sorrowful at any colossal loss.
    -The one who is ordinary++= extra-ordinary. For example:
    An engineering student is by default an engineer (an ordinary thing) but the thing which makes him extra-ordinary is these pluses.

    One sure trait about extra-ordinary people is that in spite of fewer in number they are easy to be noticed & I’m proud to have met such rare minds.

  16. Desiderius Erasmus once said: When I get a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.
    This thing holds true in my case also. So today I’m sharing views & memoirs about my all time favorite novel- The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.
    In the present era, novels are written as an article for any monthly magazine-It looses its importance in a month or so. But when it comes to everlasting literature, THE FOUNTAINHEAD is the name everyone is aware of. Written more than three decades ago, The Fountainhead was turned down by more than a dozen publishers naming it as too intellectual. But a masterpiece can’t be locked & kept in backyard for a long time, one day it’s bound to accomplish the purpose it is made for. After such a fierce competition in the market Fountainhead managed to survive in the all time bestseller list.

    In the words of Ayn Rand:
    “This is the motive and purpose of my writing; the projection of an ideal man. The portrayal of a moral ideal, as my ultimate literary goal, as an end in itself—to which any didactic, intellectual or philosophical values contained in a novel is only the means”.
    “I write-and read—for the sake of the story….My basic test for any story is: Would I want to meet these characters and observe these events in real life? Is this story an experience worth living through for its own sake? Is the pleasure of contemplating these characters an end in itself?”

    “Since my purpose is the presentation of an ideal man, I had to define and present the conditions which make him possible and which his existence requires. Since man’s character is the product of his premises, I had to define and present the kinds of premises & values that create the character of an ideal man and motivate his actions, which means that I had to define and present a rational code of ethics.
    But neither politics nor ethics nor philosophy is an end in itself, neither in life nor in literature. Only Man is an end in himself.”

    The main idea behind the novel is Ayn Rand’s portrait of an ideal man. -A man’s ego is Fountainhead of all the progressions in world.
    Howard Roark an architect student is thrown out of Stanton Institute of Technology because of his nature of experimenting with his architectural work. With a strong heart and egotist mind he starts his struggle in the professional world. He remains unaffected by the moments of penury & frustration because of his even-minded approach towards life. A twist comes when the woman of his love-Dominique Fracon marries his worst enemy-Peter Keating.
    Each and every piece of architecture created by him is criticized by the newspaper dailies but people with an eye for architectural master piece(only) appreciate his work.
    Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead is a philosophy comparing two kind of people in society, the first kind: Egotist & dedicated towards their work-Howard Roark. Second one: Altruist & could do any thing in order to enjoy pleasures of world, having no moral characteristic-a reprobate-Peter Keating.
    It shows that a person of uncompromising wit is the final winner in any walk of life, & the path is strewn with thorns and hardships but finally it’s only the way worth living.

    Answering the internal quest of a common person, The Fountainhead is truly a master piece created not for once generation but entire mankind. Victor Hugo once said: “If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away.”
    Philosophical books available today in market are in the form of advices where as the life of the author him self is controversial. Regarding this Ayn Rand quotes: “The essence of the bond between me & my husband is the fact that neither of us has ever wanted or been tempted to settle for anything less than the world presented in The Fountainhead. We never will.”

    There are a rare breed of quality books available in the market today and The Fountainhead is a must read for every individual aspiring to be perfect in whatever he or she does.

  17. Today I’m going to discuss the only golden rule to succeed.
    Here I’ve not discussed rhetoric fundamentals from those bestselling philosophies but presented my own notions about what it takes to be a success.

    This short story justifies my belief:
    Once upon a time a king was to attack his rivalry kingdom.
    But the number of soldiers in his army was very less as compared to the other king. Upon reaching over the territory of enemy kingdom he ordered for the ships which brought them to be burnt down, and just said one line to his army
    Either you win or you perish”.
    And the result was that his army won.

    This story has a very great moral. As par my experience till date there’s only one way to win any war of life: Just burn down your ships. And success is surely yours

  18. Many a times you might have come across situations such as:
    Someone spitted on you from bus while you were standing at a commonplace,
    Someone spoiled your brand new shirt by throwing kitchen waste on you.
    Or few times you might have also committed such crimes.
    Now under such condition who’s at blame?-Obviously the person committing crime.
    But somewhere in this whole process don’t you think that we our self are responsible for such incidences.

    Ok!!! Let me explain in detail.
    As the world is progressing & the new technology is replacing the old one, the society is becoming more and more ignorant day by day. But how many times have we realized this?
    How carelessly we spoil the beauty of a common place by throwing wrappers & other waste materials. Our effluents have spoiled the rivers & other natural water sources.
    Ultimately who’s at loss?-It’s us. By us I mean each one of us.
    As far as each one of us is breathing the free air from nature we have debt’s to be paid to the Mother Nature.
    Let’s understand our responsibility and pay our debts by following these simple steps:

    1> Never spoil a commonplace. Keep the wrappers and waste material until you find a proper place to drop it.

    2> At least plant 2 trees a year. If you feel your debt to the mother nature just plant as many trees which shall produce oxygen equivalent to that you’ll consume through out your life time(taking your lifetime to be average of 65 years).

    3> While you smoke at common place you are not only spoiling your internal mechanism & causing pollution but also causing problem for non smokers. So please be careful about smoking at commonplaces.
    And if possible quit smoking.-At least for economical reasons.

    If you smoke a packet of cigarette a day for 65 years, here’s your expenditure stat:
    Cost of a cigarette pack= 20/-(Average)
    Cost of a matchbox pack= 2/-
    Number of days in 65 years= 65*365= 23725 days.
    Hence total expenditure=Number of days*(Cost of a cigarette pack + Cost of a matchbox pack).
    The result= Rs.521950/-(The good news for smokers is that they’ll not have to spend this much amount coz you’ll not survive these many years).

    4> don’t spoil water otherwise someday the status of people shall not be known by their bank balance but the amount of water their overhead tanks contain.

    So if you still don’t feel like paying your debts please don’t breathe the free air and device some other means for your survival.

  19. Promise of a Soldier

    Jul 26, 2006

    Written on: Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    I dedicate this poem to Captain Vikram Batra,Lt. Anuj Niar & all those great army sodier's who laid down their life for us.Here are the final words of a soldier to his beloved fiance'.

    You held my hands when life was pushing me down,
    You hugged me when the odds were against me,
    You moved in when others moved out,
    You felt jealous when I laughed with other ladies.

    Remember those hours spent by hill side,
    Just two of us at the sunset point.
    Your laughing on my silly jokes,
    A nap in your lap and your fingers running through my hairs.

    I could not keep my promise,because some promises are broken for a greater cause.
    With my motherland at stake,could not leave the battle field.
    People are insane and they'll question you,just tell them that:
    I gave my today so that they can see their tomorrow.
    Try to feel me in your tomorrow,shall be everywhere around you,
    Guiding you, Protecting you.

    Few lines for our martyrdom's:
    Out of streams of bullets, one was for you-
    which lifted you from the state of motion to that of piece.
    from the chaos to that of silence.
    The one bullet shattered the dreams you carried,and your physical sense faded away.
    But how shall we forget,that if it would not have been you.
    Millions would not be able to Dream a Dream.

  20. Exam time

    Apr 16, 2006

    Less than three days to go for second periodicals.
    All that blaring sound of counter strike had stopped.

    Miss the noise of hard rock & sound/games in the corridor.

    The shouting has converted into whisper.

    With silence all around I feel its best time for my novels.

    So I must go on with them. coz I love them. . . . . . ,.

  21. March 3 2006, a new page was added in the nuclear history of India.
    So much hype was created over this historical deal. Some experts say that U.S has self interest in this deal (well they’ll have, if not then why is it called a Deal?). Where as some claim this deal as threat to future relation of India with its Asian allies.
    Well these are expert views; here is a perspective of an electrical engineer. So let’s look the things from the eyes of an engineering student.

    On Jan 21, 1985 India’s first Breeder reactor known as Fast Breeder Test Reactor (FBTR) with a capacity of 13 Mega watt energy (Mwe) started its functioning at Indira Gandhi Centre of Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam .
    The latest project by IGCAR is a 500 Mwe prototype FBR at Kalpakkam.
    Experts have estimated that if the target set is accomplished within the deadlines, India shall be capable of producing 2, 00,000 Mw energy (nearly 20thousand fold of the current capacity) by 2050.
    Presently India is solely dependent upon the fuel imported from other countries and can only meet 60% electricity requirement. Also 70% of the Indian villages still don’t have electricity.

    Why Fast Breeder Reactors?
    As the name suggests, fast means high energy neutrons and breeder means to breed or to multiply. So the neutrons multiply very fast hence resulting increase in the amount of the fuel. Meaning thereby, if you provide 1kg of fuel for electricity production, you shall have 1kg + amount as output fuel. Don’t be amazed, this doesn’t violate the energy conservation principle. Here Uranium-238 is converted into Polonium-239 and the design of the reactor is such that it produces marginal or higher fuel than the input. According to the data available, a normal FBR produces 1.6kg fuel for each 1kg input. And this Polonium-239 is used in bombs and various other nuclear weapons. In estimation, the profit earned by the extra fuel in 10 to 12 years is sufficient to build a new FBR with same capacity. So isn’t this interesting? And it has also opened new scope for electrical engineers.

    Political perspective:

    Well as I think U.S has done what the Indian politicians generally do during election time. They promise the poor people for providing telephone connections, whereas those people don’t even have the mandatory things required to live a normal life. By this I mean, the basic need of India is infrastructure, we don’t have the apt infrastructure, if building a FBR shall take 44 years- India has great deal to go. Also India must opt for Russia as its major nuclear supplier and not US.
    Well friends it’s time for me to dust off my power systems book and read the nuclear power plant chapter with greater care now.

  22. Kapoor Uncle

    Mar 11, 2006

    Have you ever met a stranger who becomes your best friend in no instance ?, I have met one.

    This incidence dates back to the time when I was new to Delhi. And Shailesh was the stranger and my only friend. We were to share our room; or rather I was to share his room. Shailesh needed a good partner and I tried to be the one. The rooms in the building were filled with students like me and Shailesh, except one person-Kapoor Uncle.

    Kapoor Uncle: age 60+, retired bank officer, benevolent, soft spoken and far sighted person. The best thing I liked about him was his discipline and simplicity. And the strongest thing about him was that he was a bachelor. He had no one in this world to care for but the only students who stayed in the same building. He was friend of every one so how could I not be the one. Be it 5:30 in the morning or evening Kapoor uncle was seen jogging in his shorts. His face contained the brightness of an enlightened man. In the very first introduction I realized the depth and variety of knowledge uncle carried. He frequently made every one realize their goal, and always talked practical.

    Hardly five days passed and Kapoor uncle was heavily ill. We all took him to the AIIMS hospital and got him admitted. Only one person was allowed to stay with him so Shailesh opted to stay there. Kapoor uncle was back after 3 days. On the very evening of his returning he called us all into his room. We anticipated it as a thanks giving meeting, but upon reaching their- we all were shocked. He was about to distribute his life time earning amongst all of us (Could you imagine a stranger doing such thing and for no reason). We all sat around him and convinced him to distribute the money to the needy people. We all were self sufficient. That day we talked a lot to Kapoor uncle.
    In a retrospect I don’t think I have ever met any dynamic person such as Kapoor uncle in my life till now. Within month or so I had to leave the building to my uncle’s house (my own uncle).

    But to me Kapoor uncle always seems ………………

  23. Emotional Musings

    Mar 4, 2006

    What if you have plan anticipated for a friend’s B’day and when you start revealing it with excitement the concerned person doesn’t have the apt time to hear you?

    What if you put everything into a project and finally the persons above you plagiarize things?

    These moments make me disappointed and press life down a bit. But these also make me go deep inside myself and interact with my soul.

    It’s wisely said and well known that we must be optimistic about life, but the pessimistic side of my thoughts warn me that no one here has time to wait and think about others, Coz every person has some expectations out of life and plans to accomplish things and in order to fulfill these they can adopt devious means and paths. But I never did so nor shall I be able to do it, Maybe I m far behind the world or either people are moving in the wrong direction.

  24. Hello friends!!!
    I wrote this blog on 14th Feb. –the Valentines Day, but wasn’t able to publish it due to some technical errors.

    So today is Valentines Day. In the morning I happened to go through a piece of news in the local daily & the news was like this- ‘A 105 years old man marries his 90 yeas old lover’.-What a love, simply great. If there would have been any life time award for love, I would surely give it to them.
    So I dedicate this blog to this couple.

    Well friends. Here I’ll share with you a real life inspired story. The main character of this story is Nikhil. Nikhil’s story is nothing but my preconceived notions about love and the real life example I have seen around. So here I begin.

    Nikhil is handsome, intelligent and a benevolent guy. He’s passionate about music(he's a big 'Bryan Adam' fan) & sports. He’s the guy next door to me. Richa is a very stunning and impressive kind of girl. She is a big novel geek and Judith Mcnaught is her all time favorite. Just a few days’ back I was playing Bryan Adam’s-Everything I do. And Nikhil entered my room. This was the first time this guy opened up to me. And eventually I came to know that he had a fall for Richa (my classmate)-Thanks to Bryan Adams, otherwise I would have not written this blog.

    He had asked her for a date and she agreed (maybe she also had a fall for Nikhil).Soon after their first date came the second and then the third one and so on. He also made me read all those wacky sms she has sent him. And to my amazement, the whole inbox was filled with her messages. There was no loophole in their relationship. As far as I’m concerned, I always felt Richa as a condescend kind of person & over-reacting, but anyways most of the girls are over reacting type. Today (Valentines day) when I entered Nikhil’s room he was busy with his work. It’s their day and this poor man is busy with his studies. Upon enquiring, came to know that Richa is not feeling well so they shall not be celebrating the Valentines Day. I asked him to give her a call, but her cell phone was switched off. Oh god!! Please help the needy girl because my friend loves her greatly.

    So friends it’s seven past thirty in the evening and I must take a leave for dinner.
    To sum up. This was Nikhil’s story and I do wish that someday I get a girl like Nikhil has. So Nikhil’s Girlfriend got a boy friend,
    indeed a commited guy like Nikhil.
    So I must leave & i'll catch you after dinner.

    Hey! wait wait. Nikhil just entered my room like a thunder storm and headed towards a friend of mine (Sandy) who’s sitting in my room….. Oh no……. things are getting muddled over here in my room. Ok let me get into the matter & I’ll write this blog after 15 minutes.

    So friends Here I ‘m after 15 minutes and Thanks to Saint Valentine, I got such a beautiful ending for my blog. So let me share with you the conversation between Nikhil & Sandy.

    Nikhil: (angry) You Ba****d, what were you doing out there today evening.

    Sandy: (seated calmly but perplexed) nothing, was just celebrating Valentines Day with my girlfriend.

    Nikhil: (more forcibly) U son of an S**t, she’s my girl friend.

    Sandy: what r u talking man, but I proposed her and she agreed….

    Nikhil: Oh no… she betrayed me… (and moves fast out of my room)

    It took me half an hour to console him, and I could sense his grief.

    So friends it was a sad incidence for not only my friend but for me also coz my concept about love is muddled now.
    And now the title of my blog sounds more appropriate- Nikhil’s girlfriend got a boyfriend.
    While writing this blog i havn't imagined that things shall get this way.
    So i no more need a girl like Nikhil got....

  25. One day out of Life

    Feb 19, 2006

    Is Life all about running & catching things?

    Hello Friends,

    Recently met a chatting friend of mine, he's a computer engineer & working with a software firm & drawing handsome salary. When I enquired about his life, all i got was an incentive to write this article.
    He missed his college life immensely & myself being a college student dedicate this article to him. Coz his experience led me to think about my life & here i discuss one day out of my daily routine.

    Well, before entering into this professional field i was a hermit who loved his grotto immensely coz it protected him as well as provided isolation.
    They say,"experience makes the man". But what if the person doesn't have adequate time left in his hectic schedule to sit and analyze his experiences?
    so here i begin with:

    It's 7:00 in the morning and the blaring sound of mobile alarm makes the Hermit (used throughout this article as alias for the author) wake up (mammas good boy,gets up early in the morning).
    With a bit of anticipation, this hermit turned professional (or you may call him "the Monk who bought a Ferrari") move in for a light jogging. After few minutes of slogging outside it's time to change and stride towards class. usually he's the second last person to enter into the class(last being the teacher) & last bench is the best option available to him. Last bench coz the teacher can't figure him out and also he respects the fact that some people are sleeping & they should not be disturbed by asking doubts or making any kind of noise. For him lectures are nothing but making the exact copy of his teachers notes(which obviously that teacher got from his).

    When the going gets tough this hermit takes a dip into a novel where the hero(Robert Langdon) is trying to decipher the codes hidden in the famous Mona Lisa painting by Da Vinci, or Whiteny is about to die on the very next page of the novel.
    The electrical teacher points out to him and asks: you back-bencher, tell me that "when will maximum power transfer take place across a transformer"?
    The reply generally starts with emm,sir emm..... probably when the copper losses are equal to the Iron losses..... And....Yes!!, Robert Langdon entered the right code. also the answers end with etc's, inorder to show that he knows much more than what he just spoke.

    Now 1 hr is left for the lunch & the haughty rookie shall be taking the computer programming class and this time Mr.Langdon is not able to break the codes, coz he's entrapped by the infinite loops & runtime errors. As the rookie's regime ends, it's time to stride fast towards the hostel mess. 10 minutes for lunch and after he gets logged-in to chat with a yahoo friend. But within no time the guy next door enters into the room and makes him realize that there's nothing to exult about the friends list in the messenger coz there's an assignment to be submitted within an hour or so.

    The world around him seems to be crestfallen and Google is the only option left with him for the assignment(these situations make him realize that Google is the greatest invention of man, not the wheel).With the assignments submitted it's time for the electrical practical, here in lab all the Einstein's surround the instructor's table as if corpse of any famous personality is being dissected. The instructor makes every one proud by endorsing emphatically that "an electrical engineer deals only with 440 volts", but the statement becomes clearer when someone touches a live connection-("electrical engineers deal only with 440 volts but they also die coz of 440 volts").

    As the practicals are over every face is filled with a strange kind of mirth. After this whole days tiring schedule, a cup of tea or coffee at canteen is the best option available, or else a hand into counter strike (a game about killing & getting killed) or chat with a yahoo friend relives from the whole days stress. by the time the counter reading enemies killed starts counting fast, its time for the dinner.
    As the dinner is over it's time to handle multiple tasks on the pc like a screen slave. One hand at yahoo chat and another at web editing or writing a blog like this one. All these things are accompanied by some catchy oldies or gajals of Jagjit singh or Gulam ali.

    So when the clock strikes 12:00hrs in the midnight, its time to log off all the chats & turn the pc off. coz at 8:30am it's power systems class.With this the hermit's day comes to an end.
    Usually the weekends are met with a trip to the nearest town and watching a late night movie along with friends or just sitting in the balcony and staring at the beautiful sky in amazement.

    Friends this was the glance of one regular day out of my life. by the time i was about to finish this article i got a bit nostalgic about my college life. I don't know why but, when i am away from this life the moments of laughter spent with friends make me cry and those of crying makes me laugh.
    I remember the words from the movie 'finding nemo':
    "Dream what you want to dream;
    go where you want to go;
    be what you want to be,
    because you have only one life
    and one chance to do all the things you want to do".