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  1. I died at 11:52am

    Sep 28, 2006

    Hello friends.
    I submitted this story for a story contest in my college. The caption was: “I died at 11:52am.” The word limit was 150 but I eschewed it, coz this story is itself a reward for me and nothing else matters. Results are yet to be declared.

    The Beginning of the end was when I returned to my Brother Edward’s home at the
    Lincoln Avenue of the University of Illinois. Amy (Edward’s daughter) was four then. Next day (25’Dec) was supposed to be a great day not only because it was Christmas but Amy would be turning five. Amy: The only reason why I stayed at my brother’s though I could have afforded a separate apartment for myself. There wasn’t a single moment when Amy would leave me alone. Amy couldn’t sleep anywhere except on my chest and I found it hard to sleep with someone on my chest. But again that’s how love is defined-Sacrifices without the feeling of sacrifice.
    That day I was returning home with a sample card of my engagement to Daisy. Daisy was a Christian girl of Indian origin. We met two years back at the university campus where Edward and Daisy’s dad were research colleagues. Amy saw me parking my car from the upper window and keeping her love for me in mind, there was no question she would stay over there. Full of excitement she started running downstairs and I too was in a hurry to gift her XL cocoa chocolate I had bought specially for her. I forgot that Amy was right at the low height entrance. I picked her with a thrust and her head collided heavily with the frame of the door. I sensed the wrong but then it was late. As the hands brought Amy’s face in front of mine, it had turned pale and her body was turning cold. I wanted to shout for her mother but it seemed as if something has chocked my throat. And this is the last thing I remember about me and Amy.
    When I regained my senses there was no use of regaining them. I found myself in the hospital bed. I overheard a doctor narrating the problem to Daisy.
    : “I m extremely sorry but Kevin’s (mine) brain has undergone a major stroke due to which his legs are paralyzed and also there’s malfunctioning of his speaking ability.-He’ll not be able to speak again.” Tears rolled down my cheeks. Felt like shouting out loud but couldn’t utter a single word. I was longing to know about Amy, hold her, and caress her. I glanced towards Edward who was sitting beside me. Sensing that I was asking about Amy he shook his head and tears rolled down his red swollen eyes, stating that Amy was no more.
    There was thud in my heart and the world seemed crestfallen. I wanted to jump right out of the window coz I can’t live without Amy.
    Then I heard Daisy crying and asking the doctor to save me. To her assurance doctor replied: “I m trying my level best and still there are chances that Kevin may survive, but to be fair enough he’s almost dead.”
    -ALMOST DEAD? Who’ll convince them that I died at 11:52 am itself when Amy was in my hands?
    Then a nurse injected me. Upon regaining consciousness I saw Daisy crying beside me. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was going to be a huge burden to everybody, that I had ruined my life and everybody else’s. Why not die, I thought miserably, and save everyone a lot of trouble? Daisy sensing me stopped weeping. And coming closer to me held my cold hand in hers and then she added the words which saved my life. “You are still you. And I love you.” I can’t drift away from things like this. I had to live, this was my credo now.
    A girl’s voice: Kevin!!!!
    Oh! It’s my four year daughter calling me inside to sleep. As it’s her sleeping –cum- story time I’ll have to move my wheel chair inside.
    So dear diary today I’m going to ask Daisy to narrate this story {incidence} to Amy -My daughter.

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    1. Has to be me said...

      Oops...that was lovely & damn touchy. Almost brought tears to me reading abt Amy & Kevin. Keep up the good work & all the best..I hope u win!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope 2 c u often. :)

    2. Keshi said...

      Great short story.

      So Kevin named her daughter Amy? WOW such a tragic yet encouraging story. I hope u win Sunil.


    3. prachi said...

      its so brought tears in my eyes...
      all the best for for compition...

    4. That was very well written... yes, touching too as most of the people have commented.
      all the best for the competition.

    5. samuru999 said...

      I loved it!
      Tragic n touching story!
      Very, very good!
      Sure hope you win!


    6. Sunil Parmar said...

      @has to be me:
      Thank you buddy....your blog is too good.:)

      Have a nice time on your trip and i m definately penning down about you...:)

      Thanks for stopping by my blog...nd for your wishes too...

      Thanks!!! you r not updating your blog?

      Thanks a all of your poems.

    7. I'm not such a frequent blogger...

    8. Velu Nair said...

      I have a real strong feeling that u might have reason for jubilation, once the results are declared. I am already thinking of asking u for a treat!!


    9. Velu Nair said...

      On second thoughts though, winning doesnt matter much. What matters perhaps is that u have managed to put across ur thoughts in an absolutely enchanting and engaging way!!!


    10. A tragic but well written story.I hope you win this contest.

    11. Sunil Parmar said...

      :) We'll surely have treat but not for this reason....
      And as you already know that winning doesn't matter for me,this story in itself is an reward for me.

    12. Sunil Parmar said...

      @starry nights:
      Thanks for dropping by....
      Your appriciation is my reward.nothing else matters.

    13. Hi...I read the story and its has its emotions but the end was more or less like filmy ;)
      am glad but this story gives some hope and life to those who seems to be giving up soon and hesitate to fight it back :) write about the result ;)
      Good Luck

    14. shark said...

      Thanks for visiting my blog :)

      This is a fantastic story! I am sure this will win the prize.

    15. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Films are also inspired from real... :)

      Thanks for your kind words!!!

    16. Salutes for this one mate! Hope there is a prize for you, and also wish the word count doesn't matter. Regardless of the results, do write more. Those who can touch feelings, should continue to write! All the best to you....

    17. Cuckoo said...

      What a story!! Nice imagination. Best of Luck for competition.

      Was there any topic given or you could write on anything?

    18. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thank you for such encouraging words.

      Thanks a lot!!!
      We were required to write a story in 150 words & the tilte was same as my post. :)


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