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  1. Sent my way

    Jan 22, 2007

    He locked himself in the dark room-dejected, disheartened.
    Maybe, the price he paid for nothing was very high.

    He thought about the struggle, the pain, the price and the fate.

    But thinking brought nothing but more pain, more disheartening.

    And then there was knock on the door.
    A stranger stood asking:

    Hello Friend! May I share with
    you, your sorrows and my happiness?

    He embraced the stranger thinking:
    Whoever you are, whatever you are,
    Wherever you came from,
    You are a friend sent my way.

  2. 33 Comments:

    1. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Another excellent well written post. Thanks for sharing.
      Peace. Love and Wisdom!

    2. Keshi said...

      awww beautiful!

      And Im ur friend too Sunil!


    3. Dave said...

      Something about your work that I find intriguing... It's as if after reading your post, I know the whole story and yet I know nothing but at the same time I am still satisfied...

      Also, love that painting of the two children!

    4. shammu... said...

      that was just so so beautiful!!!
      wonderful writing, as always!
      take care!

    5. a friend sent by Providence ... always the best kinda friend !

    6. Hannelie said...

      maybe that's what blogging is all about, strangers but yet friends!
      Lovely work Sunil!

    7. Puneet said...

      an angel in the form of friend....

    8. Has to be me said...

      hmmmm....! good one there.

    9. Deepak Gopi said...

      You are really talented :):):):)

    10. Shionge said...

      Hiya Sunil, thank you for your comments at my blog, I truly appreciate that.

    11. Rajeev said...

      thanx for visitin ma blog bro!
      Amazing piece of writin! :)

      Peace & Love

    12. Kulpreet said...

      Threre is always a stranger, to share,to take from.
      There is one in the mirror too; make him a friend. And all strangers will be friends, without having to come to the door, knocking.
      Count me in too.

    13. preetha said...

      i loved this post of yours!!!!!!

      i'm glad to have you as a friend!!

      :) :)

    14. shweta said...

      ur wrds show the respect u hav towards frndship..indeed frndship is the most precious gift after love...

    15. priya said...

      Sunil: I call it an angel in disguise.

    16. Kai said...

      Aloha Sunil.
      Mahalo nui loa for visiting my humble blog and gracing them with words of hope and friendship!!
      PEace, Kai.

    17. Sheila said...

      Sunil, you are wise beyond your years... this is a lovely writing.
      Sometimes it just takes a kind word from someone to brighten an otherwise bad day.

    18. Drama Div@ said...

      clap clap clap

      you are good!

    19. samuru999 said...

      Loved this Sunil!
      It put a smile on my face!
      Thanks for the smile!


    20. Pecos Blue said...

      Sorta like blogging I think.

    21. Marthyan said...

      Well written sunil

    22. Poo said...

      Awesome post!!! Sunil.

      Keep Smiling ;))

    23. In this very realistic society, many people don't invest into friendships anymore.
      I love this post, it reflects that friendships are precious, priceless and warm hearted.

    24. Akshay said...

      Awesome.. dude.. I think friends like those are the ones who stay with you forever..

    25. Srijith Unni said...

      Well written, Sunil. I enjoyed the experience of reading it..!

      With Best Regards,

    26. lalitha said...

      Excellent Sunil.I love the way you write.

    27. shruti said...

      hey me not gayab...just planning for the next post..

    28. Nice one man...We need all the sharing n caring in the world as we r always the smallest babies! :)

    29. Becky Wolfe said...

      you have a profound way of writing something short that still leaves an impact! Well written & moving!

    30. Keshi said...

      new post Sunil :)


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