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  1. I have a Friend…..

    Dec 27, 2006

    The night kept growing colder & darker. Snowfall continued for the third consecutive day and the added trouble was the fresh injury in his leg. As he entered the empty lane, people had already packed themselves inside their houses-and were busy warming them and enjoying the winter season.

    As he strode past the first house their came a voice from the window-side: “O you fool! Where are you up-to this wild night
    He replied: “I have a friend who lives at the end of this lane.” -And the window was shut.

    As he moved further, there came a voice from the window-side of second house: “O you fool! Where are you up-to? And do something about your leg -you poor fellow!”

    He replied: “I have a friend who lives at the end of this lane.”

    And the person exclaimed: “You fool! Don’t you know that that friend of yours is @#%$? You are being friend to the one who’s treated @$%$^ by everyone. Oh god Save this poor soul for he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”- And the window was shut.

    Upon striding further he met with similar questions and exclamations.

    As he rang doorbell at his friend’s house there came the voice: “You fool! Where have you been all this time? -I was worried about you and searched you all around. Now get inside, have my warm clothing and sit by the fireplace.

    He laid stretched on the chair near the fire place with his friend putting balm on his injury. He stared the empty roof of the house thinking: “I have a Friend…………..