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  1. I have a Friend…..

    Dec 27, 2006

    The night kept growing colder & darker. Snowfall continued for the third consecutive day and the added trouble was the fresh injury in his leg. As he entered the empty lane, people had already packed themselves inside their houses-and were busy warming them and enjoying the winter season.

    As he strode past the first house their came a voice from the window-side: “O you fool! Where are you up-to this wild night
    He replied: “I have a friend who lives at the end of this lane.” -And the window was shut.

    As he moved further, there came a voice from the window-side of second house: “O you fool! Where are you up-to? And do something about your leg -you poor fellow!”

    He replied: “I have a friend who lives at the end of this lane.”

    And the person exclaimed: “You fool! Don’t you know that that friend of yours is @#%$? You are being friend to the one who’s treated @$%$^ by everyone. Oh god Save this poor soul for he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”- And the window was shut.

    Upon striding further he met with similar questions and exclamations.

    As he rang doorbell at his friend’s house there came the voice: “You fool! Where have you been all this time? -I was worried about you and searched you all around. Now get inside, have my warm clothing and sit by the fireplace.

    He laid stretched on the chair near the fire place with his friend putting balm on his injury. He stared the empty roof of the house thinking: “I have a Friend…………..

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    1. Hannelie said...

      sunil, it's great to see you back in blogland again. What a nice post, this man knew his friend better than any one else and didn't listen to bad stories being told.

    2. Cuckoo said...

      What a lovely thought !!

      He knew the difference between a friend and others. From where you got this story?

      Claps for you Sunil.

    3. samuru999 said...

      Lovely post, Sunil!

      So nice you are back!
      You were missed!
      Happy New Year!
      May 2007 bring you much joy to your days!


    4. Sigma said...

      A very nice story, and a very nice blog. Keep it up !

    5. Seema said...

      Waw..that was a great one on Friends...true to the core!

    6. preetha said...

      wow!! you are atlast back from hibernation...
      and with a beautiful post once more...
      Its very few lucky people who can say they truly have a friend...and I can proudly say I'm lucky ion that sense.. :)

      Happy new year sunil!!!
      glad to see you back!!!!

    7. Glad I found this blog... insightful. keep it up.

    8. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks for appreciating my story coz it's straight out of my heart.

      :)...This just an thought.
      Thanks for appreciating it.

      Have been missing your beautiful poetry during vacations.
      Happy new year to you too.

      Welcome on my blog. but i'm not able to open your blog..there seems some error.:( Plz check.

      You to have an great blog. Welcome here.

      We are friends turned Bloggers and you already know how much i cherish you. Take care.

      @Pink ginger:
      Nice to have you here. your blog is insightful indeed.

    9. stanley said...


      thts a nice thought...vry practical
      thts wht we encounter in our day to day life..i guess..

    10. shaMMu... said...

      Hulllo Sunil!!!

      Ur Blog is simply Greattttt!!...and this post is just awesome!...rightly said about friends!

      ...Thanks for ur coments in my blog!

      Take Care!!

    11. Beautiful post.He did not listen to the other people, he knew his friend.

    12. Happy new year sunil.wish you a wonderful New year.

    13. That was a nice post; on friends and friendship in general.
      Yes, I have been absent from the blogosphere for long. I'll probably be more regular from now on.
      Happy new year to you and your family!

    14. preetha said...

      Happy new year to you to Sunil!!!!

    15. Nice to see you active again Sunil....

      Have a great year ahead... happy 2007

    16. shaMMu... said...

      ...Happy New Year to U too, Sunil ! May U have cheerful days ahead!!

    17. Sunil Parmar said...

      Welcome here...thanks for appreciating my words and thoughts.

      Thanks dear. Happy New year to you 2.

      Hope you are all right now. Happy New Year.

      It's nice to see you back in action.

      Same to you!:)

      Thank you n same to you.

      -Happy New Year to all my buddies.

    18. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      What a beautiful and wondrous story. Your writings embrace the spirit and caress the soul. May the blessings of the Universe be with you. Peace, Love and Happiness to you !

    19. Shakhi said...

      Nice thought yaar... Its so simple and yet so beautiful....

    20. Great moral.
      Travelling to the end of the lane is absolutely worth it and also it is better to trust what is in your own heart.
      Great writing!

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