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  1. Hibernation period

    Oct 30, 2006

    Hello friends.
    It’s going to be hectic time ahead.
    This week we have Hill’ffair. Hill’ffair is cultural fest of NIT Hamirpur. It’s gala time for NIT Hamirpur’ians starting this Friday {3rd Nov} till Sunday. We’ll have dances, dramatics, songs, D.J, Fashion show {the best part?} and much more.

    This time our theme is “Break Free”.

    After that I’ve final submission of minor project. My project is to design a circuit to control a stepper motor from P.C using infra red {Sounds hi-tech!!! but it’s simple}.
    After that we’ve final practical, tests, and final EXAMS?.
    And then the winter break till mid January.
    I don’t know when I’ll be back here {Blogger}. But I’ll keep updating myself with your posts.

    Suggestion needed:
    I’m designing my personal database and I’ve finalized two options for the domain name. 1> 2>
    Please suggest which one sounds better?

    So finally this is Sunil signing off. Wish you all a great time!!!.

  2. 37 Comments:

    1. samuru999 said...

      I'll miss all your special posts...
      See you soon...I hope!!!
      Take care!
      Love the picture!


    2. Hannelie said...

      The mum in me wants to throw a blanket softly over your shoulders.
      The student in me think ... oohh exams, I know what you're talking about.
      The friend in me says have fun!!
      The blogger in me says, Oh now, we gonna miss your posts LOL

      But.. have fun, take care of things. Good luck with the exam, see you around and I like name nr 2!!
      All the best Sunil, thanks for your always uplifting comments on my blog.

    3. priya said...

      I will go with coz it generalizes everything you plan to write.

    4. samuru999 said...

      I forgot to mention I like #2 best!
      Oh, and thanks for being such a
      wonderful blogger friend!
      You're just great!

      C'ya later...
      and good-luck on the exams!


    5. Contented said...

      Oh Man! I know the exam life! All the best!

      .info sounds fine!

      Btw whats this data base is about? Just curious to know!

    6. Has to be me said...

      Enjoy ur hibernation & the culturals too! Until then break free!
      PS - Both sound ok to & in.

    7. praveen said...

      Fest eh?
      Cool... Keep rocking!

      btw, .info sounds good..

    8. Was nice pic... reminded me of my college days! :-))

      Have a great time and hope you will be back soon....

      About the suggestions needed, both are nice. I myself own a '.info' domain, and '.in' is Indian by itself! I think there are some special previleges available with the '.info' domain now... My preference >> Both! :-D The third umpire is confused; so leaving the decision back to the onfield umpire! :P

    9. Vijay Atal said...

      I'll miss too ur posts.I'm praying fr the God that this hectic xaam period will go soon and would give us our smile back.
      U hav given me this task.But sorry I can't complete it u knw why.From myself .info sounds more impressive.
      Ok Bye Tc

    10. Take care and don't work too hard. good luck in everything you do.will miss your posts.

    11. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      This is the greatest picture!!
      Relax is soo important. You look wonderful.
      Good luck!

    12. Cuckoo said...

      Relax now !!!
      All the best.

      Info is better option. It takes care of evrything.

    13. samuru999 said...

      Hi Sunil
      Just wanted to say "hi"
      How are you?
      I do hope everything is going well for you!
      Miss you!
      Take care!

      Nov 7th'06

    14. Keshi said...

      awww when im bakk ur gone :(


    15. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil ! How are you?
      I'm sure your exam - is perfect!
      I suggest - "in".
      All the best to you!!!

    16. preetha said...

      hi sunil,,missing you lots in orkut!!!!

    17. Its been a long time...are you still chillin ;)
      am sure the festivity has to be blogged here too isnt it?

      Come back from your hibernation
      till then Cheers

    18. preetha said...

      hey sunil,
      when are you getting out of your hibernation??? missing you lots pal!
      my exams are starting next week, so i'll be out for about a month or so
      till then,
      take care


    19. Velu Nair said...

      Hope u had a great time, Sunil!!

      And yes I feel .in looks and sounds better than .info

    20. Pecos Blue said...

      Info. have a great time.

    21. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      I hope you come back soon.
      "Don't sleep too long"
      Best to you!!!!

    22. samuru999 said...

      Hope all is well!
      Miss you!


    23. Hannelie said...

      Hoping you are doing well!!
      We all miss you.

    24. Saira said...

      All the best for ur project and exams...take care!!

    25. preetha said...

      when are u getting out of your hibernation????

    26. Marthyan said...

      May be you have made the choice, I like the info one :)

    27. krystyna said...

      Have a great lovely Sunday!

    28. samuru999 said...

      Hi Sunil
      I was just checking out comments on my blog, and saw you were there a few minutes ago!
      It made me very happy to have you back...
      but, now you are going on vacation, and won't be back till Jan...
      I have missed you very much...
      and will miss you till you return!
      Have a wonderful vacation, and be safe!
      hugs and luv!


    29. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil,
      thanks, you are ready to blogging!
      Good luck to you!

    30. hi!!That was a pleasant surprise...I've been kinda busy so I couldn't write much.
      happy hols...

    31. Keshi said...

      WB Sunil! :)


    32. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Have a wonderful time enjoying whatever is fun to you, this Christmas.

    33. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!

    34. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thank you everyone.
      I was missing you all n your beautiful blogs during my vacation.:)

    35. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thank you everyone.

      Was missing you all n your beautiful blogs during my vacation.:)

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