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  1. Happiness redefined

    Jan 31, 2007

    In a group of four they set to live a day.
    A day of freedom, a day of their complete self.

    There were moments of happiness, moments of silence,
    moments to think of nothing, moments to worry about nothing.

    Sitting by the hill top they viewed world and discussed life.
    Taking dip in the cold stream they washed their worries and redefined happiness.

    But then the day was bound to end, a time to return to their respective nests.

    With hand in hands and shoulders to rest upon they wished these moments never end.

    ~A day I’ll never forget.

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    1. Seema said...

      Beautiful moments never die..cauz they always live in our hearts...deep down in the memory lane to brighten up the worst of days !
      Beautifully conveyed !

    2. Poo said...

      WOW!! Beautifully written....
      Awesome Sunil... i keep coming to blog to read what you write ... really very nice...i wish even i cud write one story ...;<

      I really like the post name "Happiness redefined "

    3. Sheila said...

      Memories are our most valuable possessions. Nurture them and save them, they will at times be a comfort and at other times a sadness, but they make us who we are. I love the photo of the four birds almost as much as your writing Sunil

    4. Srijith Unni said...

      All of us who have our old group of friends, we experience this a lot, don`t we.. We talk for a while relive the past, and we just start getting younger again, when we are again suddenly jolted to reality and the present.

      Nice One, Sunil..
      Straight from the heart..!

      With Best Regards,

    5. shweta said...

      "happiness redefined"is something which is a state of bliss and is beyond comparisons...being a part of those 4 friends who set to discover was really a day so much cherished nd will always remain in my memory was a trip in the lap of nature..we saw height ,depth ..amigo!!wat a picture perfect day it was ..the air full of laughter with no worries ,away from busy city life..a day to be i'll just say "we had joy we had fun ,we had seasons in the sun but the hills that we climbed were the seasons out of time.."thanx a lot sunil for putting this trip 2 heaven in such a beautiful way..cp

    6. shweta said...

      beautiful post..something that i wil b reminded of for a lot many days to come!!

    7. shammu... said...

      beautiful Sunil!!
      memories are nature's way of reminding you that there were/and will be good times again!..and if
      i loved this one alot, mostly cos ur few words again took me back to my 'memories' , and all the wonderful times that i have spent with lots of precious people and ur post made me smile!!!!
      (just as i was typing this,one of my close frends phoned me from India, and i told him about ur post, and hence another reason that i smiled!)

      Thnku for this lovely post!Take care!!

    8. priya said...

      Sunil: Good to see the happiness back and cherish those moments.

    9. Sunil I just love what you wrote.It was just beautiful.especially loved these lines"
      There were moments of happiness, moments of silence,
      moments to think of nothing, moments to worry about nothing."

    10. Dave said...

      Ahhh...Free as a bird! What a dream! If only we could live so free. Very nice thought Sunil!

    11. Keshi said...

      Happiness isnt a lives in a moment, just like these beautiful moments u described.


    12. Jewel Rays said...

      :) I remember those times and they are really special ones..

      Its good to know that u had something beautiful to keep in mind too

      :D cheers!

    13. Deepak Gopi said...

      Enjoy each and every moment of our life .It could be the only thing that makes our life happier.
      Sunil again you delivered a well written piece :):)

    14. shruti said...

      moments never die.they just change their shapes and last for ever in our memories...

    15. Poo said...

      hey you changed ur pic ...i think the earlier one was very nice :)

    16. Becky Wolfe said...

      I love a day like this. Especially when shared with like-minded friends. You've written it so eloquently. I feel like I'm there watching from the outside!

    17. Amazing! Everyone wishes the days to be like that and if you had a chance to have one have attained paradise :)

      Good expression, keep it up!

    18. Akshay said...

      awesome post.. yes such moments are never to be forgotten

    19. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Wonderful reflection and pic.
      Thanks for sharing.
      "There are as many kinds of beauty as there are habitual ways of seeking happiness" -
      Charles Baudelaire
      Have a great weekend!

    20. take it as a challenge, my dear friend. If there is no worry and sorrow in life, one will never appreciate the fruits of happiness.
      All the best.

      The picture was awesome, taken buy you? If yes, I would like you to take a picture of me. :)

    21. Very well written. I wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing.

    22. Drama Div@ said...

      What a beautiful poem here. beautiful.. as alwiz

    23. Rajeev said...

      Glorious! :)
      sorry i haven been able to visit ur blog lately! :)
      have been very busy wid mah projects!

      Great post btw!

      Peace & Love

    24. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Your posts are very well written.
      And you have Amazing Website too.

      Good luck to you!

    25. krystyna said...

      Have a fabulous days Sunil!

    26. This is unique n nice..Did u experience such a day anytime? It sounds like something I want to experience but "moments to worry about nothing" sucks for me..I have no clue why I am worried, cant explain it to people who want to help, have sleepless nights wondering what I am worried about...

      Nice stuff :)

    27. So fantastic, the dream you paint with words. Thanks for a powerful journey again, Sunil.

    28. shammu... said...

      are u on a break??
      hopee vrythings well with you...
      take care..

    29. it has been a while, hope you're doing fine.

    30. Seems someone is busy like a bee :)
      Happy Valentine's Day


    31. Poo said...

      Hey Sunil.. Hope you doing fine

      Happy Valentines Day :)

    32. it feels like the flying.....
      to reach a far off height its important to keep the pace alive though there may be thousand reasons to stop... but having a single reason to achieve the height is sufficient..
      ... nice work,,,,, carry on!!! there are ppl who want to listen to you than u can't be selfish enough to disappoint them....

    33. I have observed this in some of your earlier posts too-the ideas are very good but the grammar isn't always right.
      Good concept, by the way and sorry for being critical.

    34. mutleythedog said...

      Thats nice! Somethings are important and its hard to keep our eyes on them in the busy chaos of modern life.

    35. Pretty good post mate! Loved this one.... Very touching indeed....

    36. samuru999 said...

      Hi Sunil
      I love this post!
      I have been away from blogging for a while...just now getting around to visiting all who paid me a visit to my last post.
      Thank you for your visit and kind words!
      Hope all is well with you!
      I love your new profile picture!

      Take care!


    37. krystyna said...

      Have a wonderful Sunday Sunil!

    38. harshad said...

      sounds beautiful...nice post. thank u :-)

    39. Pecos Blue said...

      So true--miss your posts. Hope you can write more soon.

    40. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Keep up your GREAT work!
      Have a wonderful day!

    41. Srijith Unni said...

      Hi Sunil,

      Where are you, friend..? You`ve been tagged.. ! :)

      With Best Regards,

    42. Sunil, just checking you out, it has been a while, how have you been.

    43. Sunil, just checking you out, it has been a while, how have you been.

    44. priya said...

      Sunil: How are yu buddy? Hope its all ok ther.

    45. Margie said...

      It's March now....
      Hope you'll be back soon Sunil!
      Miss you!

    46. Shakhi said...

      A day spent with friends...doing nothing in particular yet makes you feel you have "lived"....

    47. krystyna said...

      Peace and Happiness to you Sunil!

    48. hope you are well...long time no see.

    49. shammu said...

      hope u are doing well..

    50. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      I hope you are OK.
      Best wishis to you!

    51. Marthyan said...

      a break thats what all need

    52. Hi Sunil,

      few days back I had been thinking abt u...nd dont know how u appeared online in the evening...strange coincidence...but we couldnt chat...guess ur connection was bad..

      How r u doing??? and why have u taken a break frm blogger too???

      take care,
      Preetha :) :)

    53. miz4ever said...

      This one got me really nostalgic! Life gets so hectic sometimes that we miss out on so much....n little things remind you of how much you missed out.....

    54. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      We really miss you!
      Say even one word.
      I understand that you must be very busy and blogging need much time.

      Peace, Love and Happiness be always with you!

    55. samrina said...

      Nice piece of writing...

      Take care

    56. krystyna said...

      Just say you Hi and wishing you a lot of successful days!

    57. Kalyan said...

      lovely words...the words are very true!

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