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  1. Apology

    Jun 16, 2007

    Hello Friends.
    How are you? How’s life?
    I know it was selfish on my part to silently disappear from this place. ~ My apologies for that. I paused posting here in order to deal with exams and had to leave for summer training {which is mandatory after third year at NIT Hamirpur} immediately after my final exams & the place I’ve been for so was good, but there was no access to internet.~ Na! Not even a Cybercafé.

    I never intended to leave you all the way it turned out to be. At times felt like handcuffed but then certain things in life leave us without any choice.
    Returned yesterday from training & as life is pretty taxing these days, will try my best to be regular.

    Special thanks to all my friends who kept coming here & missed me. How do I let you know that how much I missed you?

  2. 15 Comments:

    1. Sheila said...

      Welcome Back Sunil..!
      I thought exams and life had become too busy for you to blog.
      Thank you for the comment you left for me..!
      I will check back here regularly for your 'pearls of wisdom'..
      I'm glad all is well with you..

    2. Margie said...

      Hi Sunil.
      A warm welcome on your return!
      What a pleasant surprise!!!!
      I was just checking my blog(I'm not there too ofen these days)
      and saw your message.

      I was really beginning to wonder if you were glad to know you are!
      Really missed you!!!!

      Life is good with me.
      You saw that I'm taking a break.
      Spending lots of time with my son over the summer before he heads off to college in Aug.

      Take care my friend!
      Just wonderful to have you back!
      You put a smile on my face today!
      Take care!


    3. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      What a big, nice surprise! I’m so happy hearing your voice!
      I knew that you had much busy time, and you needed break.
      Blogging take much, much time and sometimes break is Must.
      You are great, honest,loyal friend. I'm proud of you and proud being your friend.

    4. krystyna said...

      I looked at this site and photos about National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. Looks luxuriously. Congratulations!!!

    5. pria said...

      Good to see ya back buddy:)) Welcome back and nice to know u r fine and safe.

    6. Sunil, you had us worried! Welcome back. You can spend a few hours catching up I bet!!!
      Looking forward to reading your posts again Sunil.
      Take care,
      Gillian (Blue the SPA Girl)

    7. Hello. Welcome back! Hope to read your posts again.

      I replied to your comment in my blog.

    8. Rajeev said...

      Welcome back sunil!
      the blogging world missed u!
      great to have u back! :)

      peace & love

    9. Quality Tale said...

      Dear Sunil,

      Welcome back.....waiting for your new articles right now.....



      I would like to ask u one thing HOw to add photo yar..I hv tried a lot but cud not give some hints...

    10. harshad said...

      altho i havnt been here much..welcom back! nah...i dont think u were being laconic...the issue is such that a huge load can be said bout it, with more in store :-)

    11. shweta said...

      hiii Sunil,
      really nice to see u back here..i thot u had abandoned ur blog..:)
      actly even we ppl are reallly busy with our colleg year proj..dats y probbly u wnt c much of us too here...
      preetha is also doin fine and is busy with proj and all.
      anyways hope to cu come up soon with many posts and make us feel that u were not gone at all!
      have a nice

    12. White Forest said...

      wb sunil...hope to see more strings of life! :P

    13. Velu Nair said...

      welcome backkkk sunil!!
      and yes
      u were indeed missed!
      but then
      life is all about
      the twist and turns
      that keep one
      as much as
      one would not
      like to be!!

      glad to see
      that u r


    14. Nothingman said...


      thanks for the comment :)

      glad to see you are back...will keep visiting....i have a friend from hamirpur...:)

      take care!


    15. Cuckoo said...

      Glad that you are back. WE understand. But yes, still we missed you.

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