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  1. Success & the journey

    Jun 19, 2007

    Success is momentarily,
    And the journey towards it is tiresome.
    Toiling hard just for a moment,
    Then why not enjoy the journey?
    Because the journey well lived shall make one oblivious towards failure,
    again a true success.

  2. 15 Comments:

    1. Srijith Unni said...

      Hi Sunil,

      Nice to have you back..! Let the journey continue.. Hope you enjoy it..!

      Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!
      With Best Regards,

    2. Shruti said...

      Success isstill a journey not a destination..

      Take care

    3. shammu said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Nice to see ya back at the blog!
      Hope you are doing Good!
      Thank u for visiting my blog, and yup, I know, its selfish on my part to leave the blog, but blogging requires alot of time, and I just dont have it now :(
      and so I felt it wasnt right on my part to go away just like that without leaving a small 'note' :D!


    4. priya said...

      Sunil: The moment you work hard brings the joy when you are paidback later.

    5. Welcome back Sunil!!!!
      Don't you ever leave us again.
      Hope everything goes well your end.

    6. Keshi said...

      WB Sunil!


    7. Drama Div@ said...

      >>Success is momentarily,
      And the journey towards it is tiresome.

      --> I couldn't agree more

    8. curryegg said...

      Oh my!
      This poem means a lot to me.. TGreat job and nice post!

    9. Rajeev said...

      That is soooo true bro! :)
      very true!
      hows life!? :>

      peace & love

    10. Kalyan said...

      The words so true...well written!

    11. I agree, Sunil. Being to focused on the future event leaves you joyless in the present. You are forever looking forward, instead of enjoying right NOW.
      I hope to enjoy each step of my journey, and not worry about the destination.

    12. Sheila said...

      Often it is after we have had time to reflect that we realise that the journey was the best part of the experience.
      There is a saying..
      'It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive..!'

    13. Cuckoo said...

      As long as you enjoy the journey, success is all yours.

    14. No success untill one has experienced failure. It is a journey for each one of us.

    15. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      My old computer is broken. Now I heve new and try to activate it.
      Have a successful journej life!

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