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  1. The first rain

    Jun 24, 2007

    He choose to remain silent.
    No! not because he had no other option but silence was sweet, silence was burning the pain.
    Silence meant giving another thought to the choice made. silence spoke for itself.

    His mind couldn't register her words. No, not exactly so; he didn't intended to hear them.
    They touched his ears like the sea waves.-turning back every time they touch the shore, and turn they must because the shore is not the end but a beginning towards end.

    The rain started pouring in; first drop by drop and then heavily and they had to move separate ways; their own ways.
    By choosing silence he assumed he conveyed everything but somewhere deep inside he knew....this was the end; end to everything.

    This time when he glanced at the glass of his window, the rain didn't remind him of the first time he missed her but there rose a pain; a feeling new to him. And tears rolled down his cheeks; first drop by drop......& then the first rain.

  2. 19 Comments:

    1. Hi there Sunil,
      Welcome back. I was just becoming a regular visitor when you disappeared. Glad you are back. You write very well indeed and it is a joy to read your work. God bless.

    2. Margie said...

      Beautiful writing Sunil!
      I really enjoyed it!
      Thank you!

    3. Keshi said...

      so romantic....


    4. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      I love silent. You're right - silent is sweet, silent is burning the pain. Silent is healing.
      The first tears as the first rain bring the fresh of mind.

      Wishing you successful day!

    5. Sheila said...

      Sometimes the hurt is so deep that words cannot describe it. Silence say it all.

    6. Hey...SIlence is something I adored too until it was silence in "blank calls" :) Wel, today I am not sure if I admire silence as much I did a few years ago..MAy be I forgot how to read silence or just tht I am a chatterbox...Beautiful thought though :)

    7. curryegg said...

      Sometimes, silence is golden.
      We can think better by remind silent.. and stop a certain misunderstanding by remaining silence..

      Haha... nice post... Love this post.

    8. Cuckoo said...

      Wonderful. Beautifully written.

    9. What a comparison...:)
      Yes its painful sometimes when we miss someone
      well written

    10. Shruti said...

      Hi dear,
      Rain brings back lots of emotions..
      Some happy and some sad ones..

      Beautifully written...
      TAke care

    11. samrina said...

      So poetic...

      nice piece of writing.

      take care

    12. oh that is sad.
      I hate people who break others hearts, but then again... we all do, at some point in time. :(

    13. Kulpreet said...

      Hey Sunil,

      That was so ... moving. Well worded thought. but tell me: why life has to be sometimes so testing?

    14. Poo said...

      Hi Sunil How are you? I am so happy you are back ...KNext time plssss dont go like this

      And you have written it so beautifully ...

      ***And tears rolled down his cheeks; first drop by drop......& then the first rain***

      WOW Sunil :)) Loved it


    15. Anonymous said...

      Sunil: Is everything fine at ur side?

    16. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Have a wonderful time!
      I hope you are well.

    17. preetha said...

      Hiii sunil :)

      I had been out of station. Just reached few days back. And your post is amazing!! as always!

      Hope you are also doin fine :) :)

      keep in touch!

    18. manisha said...

      evryone s intrested in d word "life" more than nethng els in d world...nd esp wen u compaare it wid engineering..hee hee.... eeks word verification!!! uffff

    19. aahang said...

      Liked your poem.full of emotions.

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