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  1. Six word memoir

    May 5, 2008

    Hello friends. Due to some reasons I won't be available here till July end or August.
    Thanks for your valuable comments. And I'm sorry for not being able to post comments on your blogs.
    I'll miss my favorite blogs & bloggers. But i'll update myself when I'm back.
    Miss you all.
    Take Care! Stay Happy, Stay Good.

    I took this TAG from Rajeev's blog. And I tag everyone reading it. :)

    Sunil Parashar: A memoir in six words.

    "The other good name of LUCK!"

  2. Sometimes your senses deceive you, they simply fail for that matter.
    They don't exist at first place.

    What you see, hear or feel is not true.
    The truth is something big, something different,...... something unacceptable.