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  1. Rejuvenation

    Jan 25, 2007

    Bhola! So you are busy enjoying your cigarette here. Who’ll serve the breakfast?
    Coming Sahib {Sir}! ~Replied Bhola.
    Adjusting the cigarette between his pale teeth Bhola headed towards his masters room.

    Bhola! These days you are not paying attention to your job. Is everything fine? Sahib asked Bhola.

    Yes….yes Sahib, replied Bhola, and his face reflected deep melancholy.

    What’s the matter Bhola?

    There was a pause for a moment and Bhola started:
    Sahib! My Biwi {wife}! Again there was a pause. Finally clearing his throat Bhola started: Sahib! My wife has made the world impossible for me. She rarely talks to me nowadays and when I’m back-home after a days work, she doesn’t even have time for me. There was rage in Bhola’s voice and the Sahib listened patiently.
    Bhola went on….: Sahib! Sometimes she turns out so grouchy that I feel like running away from her.
    Did you ever tried to find out the reason behind this? The Sahib asked.
    I tried Sahib; every time I ask her she reiterates the thing that: I don’t love her as much I used to at the time we got married.

    The Sahib thought for a moment and then spoke with an authority.
    Bhola, I think she is right. ~There was bewilderment in Bhola's eyes.
    The Sahib went on…: How strange that love between a couple starts dying as their relationship progress on. And the object once most cherished becomes an object of disinterest. Why Bhola why? Have you ever asked this to yourself?
    This happens because any relationship, be it that of husband-wife or friendship needs rejuvenation time and again. We start taking things for obvious, but don’t you think that after a days work when you go home there’s someone who probably might have worked more than you did and that individual also demands attention?

    But then Sahib, doesn’t one get habitual of the same face-the same person? Bhola asked.Isn’t it that a person is always enthusiastic to make new friends? Isn’t it that we are least interested in books we’ve already read and are excited about reading new ones?

    A point well asked-Sahib replied. It’s true that we are enthusiastic in meeting new friends and exploring new books. But don’t you know that in the end only rare books manage to become your favorites? A good book enters your heart, soul, and mind. Stays there forever and time-again makes you think about the philosophy infinite hidden therein. The more you think about, wider horizons you explore and the more you expand. Same is the case with relationships. Remember Bhola; Life is expansion under the arms of your beloved. So this time you go home remember to keep the person awaiting you in mind and rejuvenate your love.

    It was third consecutive day and Bhola didn’t turn up for the work. Finally there was knock on the door. A stranger stood asking; Namaste Sahib {Hello Sir}! Bhola went with his wife to her parents place. He’ll be returning after a week, till then I’ll manage the work. May I ask you one thing Sahib? And Sahib nodded.
    Sahib, are you married?
    The Sahib couldn’t hold his mirth and smiled……..a smile which conveyed nothing.

  2. 32 Comments:

    1. Dave said...

      The amazing thing is that one could read just this and in doing so, save their marriage! Well thought out!

    2. Srijith Unni said...

      Amazing Sunil.. Like Dave said, Well thought out..! You have a splendid imagination..! Well Done..!

    3. Cuckoo said...

      Good read !!

      Nice thought.iu

    4. shweta said...

      I really wud lik to know the ans to the last questn though i hav a feelin that the Sahib was not married..:)
      this is so true sunil ..we happen to always take ppl who love us for granted..we r so busy explorin new things that the old ones r forgotten..but lik some1 said..'make new frnds but dnt forget the old caus 1 is silver but the other is gold!'.I gues this statmnt holds true for all relations.

    5. Poo said...

      sunil ;)) WOW

      "But don’t you know that in the end only rare books manage to become your favorites"""

      Too good!! everybody who is married and has lost interest in there relation must read this

      Well said ;))

    6. shammu... said...

      Amazing Sunil! u hve just made every1 think about the very basis for any relationship!
      very well written,as always!
      Take care!!

    7. Seema said...

      That was a splendid story to spin down such a thoughtful one on relationships...I guess in any relationship, we kinda start taking things for obvious after a certain time but so much for it things may go was a nice read n a great point to drive home!

      The ending was something like the MONA LISA smile bit :)

    8. samuru999 said...

      Wow! Sunil, This is just so very good....I loved it!
      Excellent writing!


    9. Sheila said...

      Young man, you will go a long way..!
      When you know someone for a long time, you can feel that you know everything about them.
      You feel you have shared everything and there is no need to make an effort. THEN is the time to learn together and share interests and more into old age together..if you are lucky.
      Bhola and his wife realized this. What amazes me, is that at your tender age, you did too.
      Well done Sunil. When you are a famous author, I will tell people I could see it in him..!!

    10. Rajeev said...


      Peace & Love

    11. krystyna said...

      I must say - You are Great!
      Well written!
      As Poo perfect said:
      "Too good!! everybody who is married and has lost interest in there relation must read this".

      Take care!!!

    12. I loved this Sunil.
      Thank you for the lesson.

    13. Becky Wolfe said...

      So insightful & so importantly correct. And a good reminder for all us married folks.

      Thanks you for the wisdom Sunil!

    14. Jewel Rays said...

      A very deep thought sunil and a good one at that.. Really alluring ..

      Many truths in it..

      enjoyed it:D


    15. That was an amazing story and holds so much truth. A marriage has to be nurtured in order to grow otherwise it is going to wither and die.

    16. That was a good thought. Yes, relationships should not be taken for granted.

    17. -: :Abhi: :- said...

      Sunil...that was a wonderful post man..was a pleasure readin tht..Basis of all relations..i tink everyone shud get to read tht...
      :)Keep gng dude...

      chk out ..ur comments welcome..:)

    18. My eyes are full. I can relate to this so so so so much man...I must admit tht this story has sent the message very well, far too well. :)

    19. preetha said...

      That was amazing sunil,
      i sat thinking over your post for a long time. It was so true...every word. Why its just not Bhola, but everyone who goes through that phase atleast once. you writings are truly extra ordinary!!

      :) :)

    20. stanley said...

      the point so well brought out
      keep it upp!!!!!!!

    21. This is only my second visit but am mightyly impressed with your thinking and writing. Will be a regular visitor. Cheers.

    22. Akshay said...

      Interesting post dude.. I have also heard so many times that after marriage love dies..which I feel is weird. But then it happens. I am hoping unhappy couples become happy again.. :)

    23. Dawn said...

      A very nice way to express about relationships! The reader finds the sahib and bhola's statements true! Its difficult to deny both ...and I think Sahib had a bad one hence he is able to advise Bhola :D...
      Good one Sunil

    24. Deepak Gopi said...

      Hi Sunil
      exellent writing

    25. shruti said...

      its lovely sunil...
      great story...
      hope every relation in this earth would find their way to happiness and last long...

    26. exellent! insightful!
      wisdom has really got nothing to do with a young age.

    27. Shakhi said...

      Amazing.....Its really good....I perfectly agree with u, we always tend to take the person we love for granted...and stop thinking bout his/her feelings and emotions...

    28. There s just one word for it!
      WOW !!!!!

      A very well written post. I m reminded of a book I read : The Alchemy of Desire !

      Life is going smooth right now.. Nothing much happening..And dont take my observations on TCS! It differs from person to person :) Keep writing.

    29. manisha said...

      r u seriouly in to engineering...well u cud hv been a counsellor :P....evry1 hs their PoV on relatinships ....nd yeah rejuvenation s neede.....if nt relationshps harde!!!! tc...nd yeah....wud do me good if u glace at my blog..

    30. Sandy said...

      I love your writing...

      great story.


    31. aahang said...

      Lovely piece,simple and effective.
      i read a lot of your posts and liked them.You are on my blogroll !

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