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  1.       Every art is unique & so is the style of any artist. Even today when we read our childhood poetry books we very well recognize the author by the mere rhyme of the words. When we are involved with any form of art, consciously or subconsciously we tend to develop a style. Style is an artists way of portraying the elements of composition.

    “…the modern portrait photographer should strive, with the help of his own feeling for light, to express himself in a completely personal manner, create his own style, and deliver with every portrait his visiting card… in order that he can be recognized in every one of his pictures.”   
    - Helmar Lerski

    I too wish to have my unique style. To me, a perfect photograph is not the answer but a question in itself. It should engage the viewer in such as way that he/she feels looking over it again and again, not only because of its aesthetic value but also because of the story being told. I'll consider myself a photographer the day people will start recognizing my images without my name written on them.

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