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  1. The first rain

    Jun 24, 2007

    He choose to remain silent.
    No! not because he had no other option but silence was sweet, silence was burning the pain.
    Silence meant giving another thought to the choice made. silence spoke for itself.

    His mind couldn't register her words. No, not exactly so; he didn't intended to hear them.
    They touched his ears like the sea waves.-turning back every time they touch the shore, and turn they must because the shore is not the end but a beginning towards end.

    The rain started pouring in; first drop by drop and then heavily and they had to move separate ways; their own ways.
    By choosing silence he assumed he conveyed everything but somewhere deep inside he knew....this was the end; end to everything.

    This time when he glanced at the glass of his window, the rain didn't remind him of the first time he missed her but there rose a pain; a feeling new to him. And tears rolled down his cheeks; first drop by drop......& then the first rain.

  2. Success & the journey

    Jun 19, 2007

    Success is momentarily,
    And the journey towards it is tiresome.
    Toiling hard just for a moment,
    Then why not enjoy the journey?
    Because the journey well lived shall make one oblivious towards failure,
    again a true success.

  3. Apology

    Jun 16, 2007

    Hello Friends.
    How are you? How’s life?
    I know it was selfish on my part to silently disappear from this place. ~ My apologies for that. I paused posting here in order to deal with exams and had to leave for summer training {which is mandatory after third year at NIT Hamirpur} immediately after my final exams & the place I’ve been for so was good, but there was no access to internet.~ Na! Not even a Cybercaf√©.

    I never intended to leave you all the way it turned out to be. At times felt like handcuffed but then certain things in life leave us without any choice.
    Returned yesterday from training & as life is pretty taxing these days, will try my best to be regular.

    Special thanks to all my friends who kept coming here & missed me. How do I let you know that how much I missed you?