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  1. Only for you

    Oct 2, 2006

    I’ve drunk to your health in taverns,
    I’ve drunk to your health in my home,
    I’ve drunk to your health so damn many times,
    That I’ve almost ruined my own!
    -unknown author
    This one is only for you and no one shall have it. This was the response of my friend when I denied a peg of vodka on my birthday.
    C’mon mate! Don’t be paranoid. Just have it in one gulp and you’ll feel earth revolving west to east. It’ll remove all your worries & frustration.Just take a dip into the bliss infinite.
    Upon my assertion the quantity of peg was reduced to one sip, and it really worked. I felt if earth is revolving, though I don’t remember it revolved west to east or east to west. It also reduced my pain {that caused by b’day bumps}. Above all I felt bliss also coz next day was spent sleeping which is bliss itself :).
    Just one sip of alcohol had such an effect on me. Since that day I m wondering: why are people so attached to alcohol?
    Is it the taste? No! It doesn’t even smell good, taste is the last thing.
    It removes worries & frustration: No! All it does is reduction in the activity of mind for few minutes. so how can this remove worries & frustration?
    Is it a matter of style & status? No! This option is also ruled out coz a person looks better with a glass of juice than with a glass of this foul smelling liquid.
    So what’s the thing which makes people have it? Why don’t people have juice while in frustration?

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    1. Hannelie said...

      Sunil, I agree with you I don't know why people drink alcohol either. I myself don't drink apart from maybe a red wine at friends, which is about half a class every half year!
      It taste and smell awfull. I've never been druk and don't intend to ever be.

    2. samuru999 said...

      Not really my cup of tea either!
      As a matter of fact...
      a cuppa tea is my drink of choice!
      Lots n lots of tea!
      I maybe once in a while will have a glass of wine!
      Take care!
      Oh....I am always so glad to see you at my blog... you always leave the nicest comments about my poetry!
      Thank you!
      Take care n have a wonderful day!


    3. priya said...


      A drinker in many ways makes someone different from regular to occasional.

      But whatever the case is if you drink at home, you are safe and if outside, let someone drop you back home. Our lives are precious and shud never be tested or taken for granted.

    4. Those who want to drink, will always.... They will also find excuses for it..... just that!

    5. preetha said...

      people drink bacause it helps them forget..about everything what is troubling them, bacause it feels like heaven, because it helps them sleep...these are some of the regular things i have heard, dont know how far it is true; but actually I dont find it wrong if you try it once, just to supress the curiosity of a mind!

    6. Velu Nair said...

      I guess its the in-thing these days. I have had my colleagues stare at me in disbelief when I tell them that I am a teetotaller....


    7. Sunil Parmar said...

      You are Welcome on my Blog. I couldn’t just get one good reason why people are habitual about drinking.

      Thanks!!!  It’s the unique quality of your poetry which keeps me regular at your blog.

      Truly said... But I’m not able to get one good reason why should I intend to drink this thing again. :)?

      Hello!!! How are you? You seem under hibernation period. 
      Yes! You are right. They always find reason. At my place people drink when the exam was bad & they also drink when the exam was good. :)

      @ Preetha:
      :) Ha ha!!!! Yup!! These are the most common things heard…… but still I m searching for the exact reason behind the addiction…. May be I should consult an addict .

      Ha ha!!! That’s funny but it’s a fact also… people do get surprised when someone says that he/she’s teetotaler… :)

    8. khushboo said...

      don't ever drink again.

    9. Pecos Blue said...

      intersting blog and good topic I feel terrible that I am drinking a glass of wine as I read this (just one : ) Anyway I guess like cafine or anything that alters your state people get addictied to the feeling it gives them.

    10. Velu Nair said...

      U have been tagged!!

    11. Keshi said...

      hehehe good Qn Sunil :)

      I guess why the take alcohol as opposed to juice is cos alcohol makes u forget ur worries atleast for a while...juice doesnt :)


    12. Keshi said...

      btw is that u in the pic?


    13. Perhaps..

      It is initially just for fun...
      Then it is a habit...

      There is something called - developing a taste... so thats what happens....

      Then its the sleep.. the kind you experienced.

    14. Sunil Parmar said...

      I don't wanna get Killed. :)

    15. Sunil Parmar said...

      @Pecos Blue:
      Welcome to my blog.
      Yes, your openion seems logical...

    16. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks!!! :)
      But I don't even know A B C of Tagging. :)

    17. Sunil Parmar said...

      Welcome back!!! Hope you had a great time.
      That was a good point. :)

      Sorry!!! It's not my photo :( It's that of my room mate :)
      Ofcourse it's my photo...:)

    18. Sunil Parmar said...

      You are right. This thing{Alcohol} has ruined life as well as relations of people.

    19. Keshi said...

      U look goooooooood!


    20. Ashish said...

      Maybe if we ask someone as to why they smoke (and since I am a non-smoker, I consider smoking a vile habit), we can extrapolate the answer to drinking which in my view is not so vile.
      A personal reason - you get introduced to drinking by friends, and except for beer, maybe you find that other alcoholic drinks in moderation are not so bad...

    21. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks for the complements!!!
      Actually there's beauty in each face all you need is to decide the angle. :)
      We all look good some way or other.
      Bytheway you too look good. :)

    22. Sunil Parmar said...

      Welcome to my blog.
      May be you are true.

    23. Michelle said...

      One glass is enough for me, i hate the feeling of not being in control.

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