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  1. The Casanova

    Oct 26, 2006

    I don't know why i wrote these lines...............maybe this is my idea of Love.
    Walking down the flower valley,
    He entered the dense forest.

    The forest glow with the light of his face and wind whispered a tone welcoming him.- the Casanova.

    Time froze by letting the sun not to set and the moon not to rise.

    As he kept walking the dense forest he heard a whisper:
    "Oh! Casanova you’ve finally arrived. Us the witches through life have been waiting for thee.Thou hold us to thy and make us humans.
    And let the moment last forever by never leaving us."

    The Casanova wasn’t fearful because he knew there is Love involved.

    He held the witch in his arms and said: “Let me be free.”

    And he was free..........

  2. 14 Comments:

    1. priya said...

      Its different and beuatiful.

    2. samuru999 said...

      This is very unique!
      and beautiful!
      I love it!


    3. krystyna said...

      It is nice idea of Love.
      Greetings to you!

      "I saw that everything in the world that is famous and beautiful, if we rely on the descriptions and drawings of writers and artists, always loses when we go to see it and examine it up close." (from History of My Life, 1966-71)

    4. Hey i have never imagined or heard ant one mix casanova to the kind of situation u han....Gives a different view of a casanova, a person with a heart! Nice 1....btw r u a casanova??;) :) :)

    5. Saira said...

      Hey thats quite amazing..:)

    6. Cuckoo said...

      Wonderful & beautiful!!

    7. Velu Nair said...

      Sounds quite like a philosophical Casanova here...


    8. preetha said...

      hey that was very different from the once you usually write. i liked it though. Everything is left to the imagination!

    9. Hi Sunil!

      This one is really beautiful! I am sorry, I could see this one only now...!

      My feed aggregator is cheating me everytime with your blog. It is not bringing updates! :-(

    10. Marthyan said...

      interesting one

      Casanova was bound by his duty :)

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