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    Oct 12, 2006

    How do you feel when the very first sip of tea tastes sour?
    This is what happened with me. Before entering the engineering field I consulted all the profession maps & engineering appealed me best coz I thought I have a mind of an engineer & an eye for details?-{Ordered tea}. Getting through the cut-throat competition I managed to procure myself a seat in Electrical engineering-{got the order [tea]}. At the very initial days of my engineering I got disheartened with the rote learning methodology followed at my institute & thought this is not what I’m supposed to do. I was very repentant during my first semester-{Oops! The tea tasted sour. But there’s no other option than to drink it coz I’ve already paid the price (:}.

    During my second semester I got introduced to the usefulness of computers & internet and it was love at first sight.
    Being an electrical engineer I’m supposed to rote about power generation & transmission but my mind is always busy thinking about computers & related world-{I had no option but to drink the tea so I thought about adding sugar into it}. Now the current situation is that I’m happy getting minimum possible grades required to sit in for a placement. I believe that life is all about following your passion coz its fun doing things you love. So I’m busy editing WebPages, learning about servers & can’t put aside my novels, magazines, newspaper & writing. They say: “you came empty handed & shall leave so.” But I think I’ll carry a novel and a pen with me even to the hell {Heaven wont accept me?. One question please: do they have internet facility over there? ?}. So now the tea is manageable coz I’ve flavored it my way.

    When I leave my college I shall not have fat degrees in my folder but one thing I’m sure about is that by then I would have lived & enjoyed life worth living and that too my way. And moreover this is the only period of life when we are so full of energy & thrill to experiment new things.
    Amongst load of classes {8:30 am- 5:30 pm}, assignments, projects & exams, It’s very difficult to find few moments of leisure. Last week we had a semester break & during this I experienced a very beautiful thing. Here I would like to share it with you. One day I thought about visiting the hilltop behind my hostel-to sit there and watch the sunset. And in those moments of complete me I realized many things. And the biggest realization was about how different I’ve grown as compared to my childhood. My entire childhood has been spent admiring the beauty of nature & the contemporary me don’t even know how to pluck the leaf which when pressed on your skin bears a very beautiful design. Here is my experience of my date with nature.

    Pressed the beautiful leaf on my hand but there was no design,
    Maybe those leaves don’t bear design anymore.

    Sat to watch the sun setting but saw the moon rising,

    Maybe the sun has changed its direction.

    Was longing to hear the birds chirping but there was extreme silence,
    Maybe the birds don’t sing anymore.

    Was longing to jump into the stream and feel the cold water caressing my body but there was no stream existing around,
    Maybe those streams don’t flow anymore.

    Dejected I returned to my room and sat staring the empty walls & the spider was busy weaving his web. Maybe there are birds singing somewhere, the springs still flow & leafs still bear beautiful designs.

    Then I opened my window and glanced towards the sky,
    And the moon was busy defining the beautiful starry night. Maybe this all is just an illusion of mind, or I’ve forgotten the obvious.

  2. 23 Comments:

    1. Wow..You have a smart comparison here! So you went ahead and made the tea worthwhile or worth the price..Atta attitude..I love this poem as it resonates to wht I feel in life generally..We always think this n tht beginning with life being like a fairy tale and then slowly see tht is is quiet the opposite...Great poem buddyy! :)

    2. samuru999 said...

      Loved this post!
      Great attitude shown....
      and your date with nature
      poem is just wonderful!


    3. Bluepanther said...

      Nice post and I know what you mean, having gone through the paces myself not long ago.

      Call it a lapse of judgement or destiny or what you will, but you are, where you are and all you can do is make the best of what you are. Its good to see you doing that.

    4. A good post! Reflecting what you are...

      do they have internet facility over there??

      Yes, they do have. But it is a dial-up connection with a speed of only 56 kbps. Home is heaven for me! :-)

    5. mysorean said...

      Great post Sunil! Good one! :)

    6. Sunil Parmar said...

      Welcome back buddy!!!!
      You've an eye for nuances!!!
      Thanks a lot.

      Thank you....we think same way...coz we posted similar articles/poems on the same day.:)

      Thank you sir!!!!

      HAhahahahha.....Actually i'm already using net at Heaven{Earth}. I was asking about HELL...:)
      Thanks for your wonderful words.

      Welcome to my blog.
      Thanks a lot!!!

    7. Pecos Blue said...

      just keep on learning, striving and enjoying it while it happens.

    8. priya said...

      Thaz was simply great sunil.

      Date with nature is awesome

    9. Gaurav Jain said...

      awesome. i'm also a great nature lover, and I really loved that poem you've written {and good to know you finally got the taste of the tea, too!}

      You're writing really nice posts, Sunil, and I'm beginning to become your fan. Keep writing!

    10. Keshi said...

      we get disheartened by few things first to realise the beauty of finding the right thing later on.


    11. Sunil Parmar said...

      @Pecos Blue:
      Thanks for those kind words!!!

      Thank you Priya!!! :)

      Thanks a lot Gaurav.
      It's just me...
      And I'm your FAN already coz you are a hub of great knowledge.

      That's righly said....thank you..

    12. The poem was very well written. I liked 'Maybe this all is just an illusion of mind, or I’ve forgotten the obvious.' Good work.

    13. Hannelie said...

      All the best Sunil, it's best at this stage and age to make the right decision and not waste time, if you think computing rather than engineering is more for you, speak to a career counsellor or teaching advisors and get on the path to more success.
      I loved your reflections, very nice.

    14. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thank you so much!!!

      I'll manage things. Thanks for your valuable advice.

    15. samuru999 said...

      You know what they say...
      Great minds think alike!

      P.S Have a great weekend!
      And, thanks always for your most
      kind comments!
      I do so appreciate them!!!

    16. Amazing way of expressing it ...:) with a sip of tea! I guess I know couple of my friends who have tasted this tea and are continuing with it just coz they are already in it!
      But am sure you will find ur tea getting sweeter its just that you need start building the liking of the taste :) am sure if you search for your destiny n happiness you will get it ;)
      BTW poetry is amazing...I must say that you should keep writing..

    17. shruti said...

      lovely poem..
      sun is still rising and
      birds are still singing....

      just love the nature its still same as before..
      just this iem you ahev to search for it..
      search for it and you will see a very beautiful world...

    18. krystyna said...

      Just keep up your excellent work!
      Good luck!

    19. krystyna said...

      Thanks for linked me.
      I like this poem.
      See you agan.

    20. samuru999 said...

      Thanks for the most kind and thoughtful comments you left...
      regarding my poem about Mary!
      I appreciate them!!!!
      Take care!


    21. Velu Nair said...


      There were many things that I could exactly identify with in those first few lines of this fantastic post. And I am glad to hear that instead of cribbing and complaining, u r making the best and most of what u already have....

      And the poem is simply fantastic.... all your creations are...! :)

    22. Sunil Parmar said...

      They say: "To know a person,read what he/she writes." And i don't think poetry writing can get better than yours. :)

      Thanks for your encouraging words.
      Your blog is one of the best.

      Welcome at my Blog!!!
      Wish you a safe travel home!! :)

      Welcome at my Blog. You seem to be an enlightened soul. Please post more if you can.

      That's the beauty of your words... Pleasure is all mine.

      Welcome back from the seminar.
      You are the reason behind my creations!!! :)

    23. preetha said...

      wow!!! perfect comparison of life with tea!
      loved this blog!
      your poem was pretty whimsical!!!;)

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