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  1. Where to go?

    Jan 18, 2007

    In the journey named life we often come across situation when we have to make a selection-selection out of two paths available for the unknown destiny. It's hard to choose because on one side there are expectations and duties on the other are things you like-things you love doing.
    If you follow the first path, you come up to the expectations of the world and hence become a success in the eyes of people concerned with you. But if you hold the later one-you meet failures in the first path {which you've to trudge non-willingly}, hence life results into a chaos.

    It's really hard to decide whether strike a balance between the two or keep following the path you love.

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    1. sunqinwo said...

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    2. Akshay said...

      Hmm.. I dont believe that if you do something that you love doing that makes you a failure in eyes of the others. The question is who are you living for? Yourself or others? If you are living for others then, you should choose path 1 and if you are living for youself you should choose path 2.

    3. stanley said...

      u r in a tough situation mate..!!!

      i guess u should try to strike a balance between the two!!!

      my best wishes for u!!!!

    4. pria said...

      Sunil: I am always with follow the path you love. Its your life and you decide. Now it can be difficult to deal when everybodys pops in, but later stage they can easily blame you.

    5. The path you love will only be enjoyable to you if you take the path you are responsible to first.
      So, take the first path, as there may be others who really need you on this path, others who must come first. When everyone is looked after, then, take the path your heart carves out for you. This, I believe, is the key to true balance. I cannot validate anything I do that is just for "me" if others must be neglected along the way. Because if I did that, I would be putting the needs of others after my own, and then it would be all about ME??? NO way. There is no enjoyment there.
      Great food for thought. Thanks Sunil!

    6. samuru999 said...

      My belief is to follow the path you love!
      Joy will usually follow!


    7. shammu... said...

      i feel i should follow the path i love..but it usually turns out that when u do what u love, and if its slightly different from what others do,u are bound to hear a lot of 'accusations'..but ultimately, whats more important is, if we are at peace with ourselves or not!if i take path1,i mite not be able to find it, since it is a 'forced' path!

    8. thanx for stopping by ....

      righto ! always a qn of
      to do or not to do ...
      to like or not to like ....

    9. shark said...

      I am always for the path you love. I know it's not at all easy. You will have to take a lot of ridicule. But in the end it's worth it. People around will blame you for something or the other even if you take the normal path. So why care? Take the path you love, atleast you are making yourself happy. As long as it does not hurt anybody else.. you go right ahead!

    10. shruti said...

      these kinda situation accur to everyone's life and at this time the best is to just listen ur intutions and do what you think is better for you...
      good luck...

    11. If i were selfish I would persure wht I love but if I cared about those who cared about me I would find a middle way.... Interesting thng to think about man...Hey sorry havent been on your blog in months..I just returned after a long long vacation...Hope to see ya more often n I am yet to find time to blog roll ya...:)

    12. Sheila said...

      I truly believe in duty first. However, Sunil, I am much older than you, and I'm sure at your age, I would have chosen fun and enjoyment.
      I sometimes look back and think my life would have been more rewarding if I had listened to my elders and learned from their experience.
      Balance is key in all things.
      When duty is done, pleasure is guilt free.
      I learned at school
      "Liberty is the luxury of self discipline"
      I have never forgotten this, and so many times is has be shown to be true.

    13. Cuckoo said...

      Hmmm for me it has to be a mix of both.

      Do the things you love, possibly make it as your bread earner.(nothing like it).


      Take path one but pursue your love as a hobby.

    14. Dave said...

      Have you ever read the poem "The Road Not Taken?" I wrote a post on that about 6 weeks ago. All the best in the paths you may have to take.

    15. preetha said...

      Liked this post sunil.

      your thoughts are so very mature!

    16. every little decisions we make in life bring us to the different destiny.
      Not everyone has a luxury to 'follow the heart' due to many reasons. When I come across this situation, First I will ask myself : what's my prority in life?
      Sometime, we need to let go something in order to get something back.
      All the Best.

    17. I've just added your blog to my link. keep in touch.

    18. Ajay said...

      just think abt this. u can go more than one place at d same time

    19. shweta said...

      fxemWell Sunil i guess we need to strike a balance between the two..but then u hav to make sure that its for peopl dat u really love nd who love u back dat u r doin it..caus a time shud not come that in the run for satisfying the 'me needs'u forget all those who matter to you.Cause dat u will deeply regret..

    20. Dawn said...

      Nice post, I will say follow your heart :)at least you will be satisfied for what you did rather than repenting for not following your heart. As why you want to compromise with your heart...where I guess you have all rights to make the decision...!
      Good topic

    21. Good thought man... A capsule thought..... I liked this one very much.... Do think and write more...

    22. White Forest said...

      I believe the latter will pay you more!!

    23. Sunil Parmar said...

      @All my friends here.

      Thank you everybody. Your golden words are worth noting down.

    24. krystyna said...

      When the way you live pleases the Lord
      he makes even your enemies live at peace with you! - king Salomon

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