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    Jan 10, 2007

    Is it all you want to say?”-She asked him. Still he was silent and dormant. She couldn’t guess what was going inside his mind.
    It was moment of their departure-the time when so called friends forever had to move their ways. The train blew its last whistle still he uttered nothing. And this was not what she had anticipated about their final departure-their separation. In the very heart of her heart she knew that “there is something unsaid on the other side, but what is that?

    And slowly the train started pulling out of the station. She was fixed to the door and her eyes reading his. But she found nothing…….. At one moment she thought why after all am I trying to read something? As the train started pulling faster he started running along her compartment and finally held her cold hand in his but then destiny is a big thing- separation was bound to come.

    As the train bid goodbye to the station she couldn’t stop her eyes getting wet. One question constantly reverberated her mind: “Why didn’t he utter even a single word?
    And she felt something in the hand he had held for a moment at the station. It was a piece of paper which read: Sometimes in life we want to move ahead but our past so strongly clings to us that we become oblivious to the voice of our heart. I would have uttered the voice of my heart but then that would be a selfish thing. Because I know you have a bright world awaiting you and I have darkness of my life to take care of. If I ask you to accompany me to carve out the darkness of my life, I would be spoiling your brightness.

    So I wish ……you move ahead.

    Her eyes wept uncontrollably………………..
    With wet eyes she asked a person standing nearby: “When will the train reach next station? I’ve something………….

  2. 38 Comments:

    1. Cuckoo said...

      How touchy it is !! Sunil, how do you write such beautiful piece ??


    2. stanley said...

      hello sunil,

      thts a touching scene mate....
      nicely written...
      trains effect our mind so much..aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

    3. shweta said...

      Hello Sunil,
      Thats a really lovely story that u hav written down here..surprisingly Preetha had written a blog on similar lines and i gues in a way this story conveys to some extent wat i was tryin to say there..its a lovely story..captures all the emotions of a mind torn apart..thinkin whether it shud listen to itself or to wat the heart says..
      beautifully written..
      Everything's goin on well at my end..hope its the same at ur end too!!:)

    4. Keshi said...

      ooooo soooo mushy! Kinda reminded me abt my train stranger :)


    5. preetha said...

      hey sunil,
      that was again beautiful. But is everything alright??
      I'm getting a feeling that you are missing something....
      maybe just a feeling.

      i always wonder about best moments and my worst ones are always somehow been corelated with it.

    6. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      It is a wonderful story and it really has touched my heart. Thank you!
      All the best to you!

    7. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thank you.... your compliment is my reward.:) Its just one of my thoughts.

      I think i did my job well and this time i've kept it short.:)

      I read Preethas post to.... and its weel said that good minds think alike... :)
      Life is moving smoothly at my end to...:)

      I just forgot to say hello to you.. in the train.... remember..:)

      Thank you!!!
      Life is a bit disturbed with that hectic schedule you all is fine..:)

      Thank you.
      People like you drive me to write more...:)

    8. Akshay said...

      Hey.. nice post :) very touching.

    9. Srijith Unni said...

      Sunil, some things happen in an instance, some things get late, yet they turn out to be real good. You blog is for me the latter.. I read all your stories, a few posts and all those marvellous pieces of poetry. It`a pity that though we seem to have a lot of common friends, I never chanced upon your blog. and I am glad I did.. this blog is truly marvellous.. Your writing skills are truly superb.

      Shall drop in more often from now.

      With Best Regards,

    10. shammu... said...

      that was just beautiful!the feelings beautifully portrayed!..and yeah, it did remind me once again of my train journeys ;)
      wonderful post,Sunil!
      Take care!

    11. preetha said...

      Thats good!!
      I hope your hectic schedule lightens up a bit!!!

      take care,

    12. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thank you very much.:)

      I got my reward.... thank you very much. you've a great blog indeed.

      Thank you dear....!
      You 2 take care.

      I wrote you scrap explaining everything...:)

    13. Well written, indeed. Good one...

    14. pria said...

      Thaz an awesome post from you and cool. You are working on your skills pretty good and who knows I can see your book one day.

    15. chitra said...

      that is a beautiful touching piece. Read your tag too. Especially liked the one "born intelligent..". and yes, i never knew zero can creat so much problems till i am seeing it from my son's eye. When i am teaching him time, it is so important that he writes 5.30 am/pm and in general decimals these zeros have no value. v.confussing

      Good style of writing. Thanks for dropping by.

    16. Deepak Gopi said...

      Hi Sunil
      You ae an exellent writer.I really enjoyed it.
      I am sure that you will become a great writer in the future.
      Thanks for the visit and for the comments.
      good day:):)

    17. samuru999 said...

      Loved this piece, Sunil!
      Very good!

      Thanks for your visit, and prayers!
      So very much appreciated!
      I am back home,and my sis is doing better!


    18. Sunil Parmar said...

      That was a nice compliment from such n great writer as you.:)

      It seems as if you are constant observer of my blog. but you've not provided any link back....!
      I don't want to make readers{of my blog} get bored by stuff related to my life. So i thought why not write things in the form of stories. coz the philosophy is nothing but my life{Not the story:)}.

      Loved your compliment regarding writing book~but i'm just struggling to be an engineer...:D

      Thanks a lot.:). Your blog makes me view things from the eyes of a mother.

      You one of the most creative and active blogger on the blog sphere.And such an compliment from is ........:).

      Welcome back Margie.:) hope everything was fine.

    19. Anne said...

      Thank you for visiting my blog. You seem very creative and wise.

    20. Shakhi said...

      Nicely written... Its really sweet and touchy...

    21. Man! This is absolutely great!!!!!!!! The words you selected for the letter were brilliant! I really liked this one.... Thumbs-up! :-)

    22. Jewel Rays said...

      :) Its well written..

      thanks for dropping by my blog..


    23. Lovely writing Sunil. I wonder what happens at that next train station...?
      Thanks for visiting my blog!
      Have a great day...

    24. Sheila said...

      A very touching and insightful story..nice work..!
      You set the scene beautifullt..i like this very much. thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
      I wote a piece about a train, but it is very different.

    25. Kulpreet said...

      Gifted; you write well. Thanx for visiting my blog. Wud be looking forward to visting your blog regularly.

    26. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks for being here.

      Welcome here... your blog and posts are very good too.:)

      Thank you!~The words for the latter is nothing but my philosophy.:) I'm expecting you to write something on your blog soon.:)

      @Jewel Rays:
      Thanks for being here.

      @Spa girl:
      Thank you.~I believe that a story must lead the reader to think. Now its up to you to imagine what might have happened after.. :)

      I'm obliged to have an expert at my blog.:)~ loved your photo blog.

      Thank you very much. You 2 write well in fact. looking forward for your new post.:)

    27. Ekta said...

      hey wow,
      very well written...waiting for ur next one

    28. Wonderful story...:) an emotional one too :D
      Keep it up buddy

    29. david santos said...

      Sunil Parmar, helo!
      Very good.
      Tank yoy

    30. mrsnesbitt said...

      Hi, new here, but loved it!


    31. Humpty D. said...

      You are a good man Sunil.

    32. Dr@ma Div@ said...

      "you say a best when you say nothing at all"

      It sounds good, I've not read any of your entry before, Sorry! It only take 1 entry to get me hooked.

    33. sunil, keep it up! I want more... this is really touchy.

    34. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thank you!~Hope i keep up your expectations.

      Emotions are the heart of human beings.:)

      @David Santos:
      Thanks!~Now i'm able to access your blog through Google translator.:)

      Thank you and welcome here.

      @Stephen neal:
      Welcome here.

      I believe that at the core of our heart we all are good.

      @Drama Diva:
      That's well said coz best things/feelings in life are never expressed..they are just felt.


      @Pink Ginger:
      Thank you.

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    36. manisha said...

      mnmn..poignant.....its actually cumbersome to convey these sentiments in really small stories....nd it gets so dificult for writies to chose wat exact type of "emotion" shud b conveyed in a story...nd u hv done it adroitly

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