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  1. March 3 2006, a new page was added in the nuclear history of India.
    So much hype was created over this historical deal. Some experts say that U.S has self interest in this deal (well they’ll have, if not then why is it called a Deal?). Where as some claim this deal as threat to future relation of India with its Asian allies.
    Well these are expert views; here is a perspective of an electrical engineer. So let’s look the things from the eyes of an engineering student.

    On Jan 21, 1985 India’s first Breeder reactor known as Fast Breeder Test Reactor (FBTR) with a capacity of 13 Mega watt energy (Mwe) started its functioning at Indira Gandhi Centre of Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam .
    The latest project by IGCAR is a 500 Mwe prototype FBR at Kalpakkam.
    Experts have estimated that if the target set is accomplished within the deadlines, India shall be capable of producing 2, 00,000 Mw energy (nearly 20thousand fold of the current capacity) by 2050.
    Presently India is solely dependent upon the fuel imported from other countries and can only meet 60% electricity requirement. Also 70% of the Indian villages still don’t have electricity.

    Why Fast Breeder Reactors?
    As the name suggests, fast means high energy neutrons and breeder means to breed or to multiply. So the neutrons multiply very fast hence resulting increase in the amount of the fuel. Meaning thereby, if you provide 1kg of fuel for electricity production, you shall have 1kg + amount as output fuel. Don’t be amazed, this doesn’t violate the energy conservation principle. Here Uranium-238 is converted into Polonium-239 and the design of the reactor is such that it produces marginal or higher fuel than the input. According to the data available, a normal FBR produces 1.6kg fuel for each 1kg input. And this Polonium-239 is used in bombs and various other nuclear weapons. In estimation, the profit earned by the extra fuel in 10 to 12 years is sufficient to build a new FBR with same capacity. So isn’t this interesting? And it has also opened new scope for electrical engineers.

    Political perspective:

    Well as I think U.S has done what the Indian politicians generally do during election time. They promise the poor people for providing telephone connections, whereas those people don’t even have the mandatory things required to live a normal life. By this I mean, the basic need of India is infrastructure, we don’t have the apt infrastructure, if building a FBR shall take 44 years- India has great deal to go. Also India must opt for Russia as its major nuclear supplier and not US.
    Well friends it’s time for me to dust off my power systems book and read the nuclear power plant chapter with greater care now.

  2. Kapoor Uncle

    Mar 11, 2006

    Have you ever met a stranger who becomes your best friend in no instance ?, I have met one.

    This incidence dates back to the time when I was new to Delhi. And Shailesh was the stranger and my only friend. We were to share our room; or rather I was to share his room. Shailesh needed a good partner and I tried to be the one. The rooms in the building were filled with students like me and Shailesh, except one person-Kapoor Uncle.

    Kapoor Uncle: age 60+, retired bank officer, benevolent, soft spoken and far sighted person. The best thing I liked about him was his discipline and simplicity. And the strongest thing about him was that he was a bachelor. He had no one in this world to care for but the only students who stayed in the same building. He was friend of every one so how could I not be the one. Be it 5:30 in the morning or evening Kapoor uncle was seen jogging in his shorts. His face contained the brightness of an enlightened man. In the very first introduction I realized the depth and variety of knowledge uncle carried. He frequently made every one realize their goal, and always talked practical.

    Hardly five days passed and Kapoor uncle was heavily ill. We all took him to the AIIMS hospital and got him admitted. Only one person was allowed to stay with him so Shailesh opted to stay there. Kapoor uncle was back after 3 days. On the very evening of his returning he called us all into his room. We anticipated it as a thanks giving meeting, but upon reaching their- we all were shocked. He was about to distribute his life time earning amongst all of us (Could you imagine a stranger doing such thing and for no reason). We all sat around him and convinced him to distribute the money to the needy people. We all were self sufficient. That day we talked a lot to Kapoor uncle.
    In a retrospect I don’t think I have ever met any dynamic person such as Kapoor uncle in my life till now. Within month or so I had to leave the building to my uncle’s house (my own uncle).

    But to me Kapoor uncle always seems ………………

  3. Emotional Musings

    Mar 4, 2006

    What if you have plan anticipated for a friend’s B’day and when you start revealing it with excitement the concerned person doesn’t have the apt time to hear you?

    What if you put everything into a project and finally the persons above you plagiarize things?

    These moments make me disappointed and press life down a bit. But these also make me go deep inside myself and interact with my soul.

    It’s wisely said and well known that we must be optimistic about life, but the pessimistic side of my thoughts warn me that no one here has time to wait and think about others, Coz every person has some expectations out of life and plans to accomplish things and in order to fulfill these they can adopt devious means and paths. But I never did so nor shall I be able to do it, Maybe I m far behind the world or either people are moving in the wrong direction.