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  1. Emotional Musings

    Mar 4, 2006

    What if you have plan anticipated for a friend’s B’day and when you start revealing it with excitement the concerned person doesn’t have the apt time to hear you?

    What if you put everything into a project and finally the persons above you plagiarize things?

    These moments make me disappointed and press life down a bit. But these also make me go deep inside myself and interact with my soul.

    It’s wisely said and well known that we must be optimistic about life, but the pessimistic side of my thoughts warn me that no one here has time to wait and think about others, Coz every person has some expectations out of life and plans to accomplish things and in order to fulfill these they can adopt devious means and paths. But I never did so nor shall I be able to do it, Maybe I m far behind the world or either people are moving in the wrong direction.

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    1. Jaipal said...

      Come on man....This is their misfortune. They have lost you.....You just keep going.

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