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  1. Undefined Emotions

    Sep 25, 2006

    They are an group of children from the nearby slum area.
    When the clock strikes 5:30 pm they can be seen striding past my hostel, towards the academic block of my college.

    They have their own world which is difficult to express in their terms but in my terms it is: under-privileged, lacking sanitation & hygiene. In a broader sense: for them suffering and compromise has no meaning, its life itself.
    Few days back I was in hurry towards my hostel. Overtaking one such group I heard a voice from behind: “BHAIYA! AAP HUMEIN AB KYUN NAHIN PADHATE?” {Why have you left teaching us?-(Sense of the line, not the exact meaning)}. The voice had such an impact on me that I lost control of my thoughts and turned back. They all were gazing at me. Literally speaking, for a moment my mind was fixed on the question and I had the feeling of weightlessness {like the one we feel inside a lift}. I turned each and every grey cell of my mind but couldn’t get any satisfactory answer so I replied: “AB KOI AUR BHAIYA PADHATE HONGE.” {Now some other person might be teaching you}. From their expression it was clear that this was not the answer they expected. As I had some important work I moved forward.
    This incidence brought back the memories of days when I was member of the Team Literacy {A group of 20-30 engineering students who teach poor children}. It was two years back & now I’ve even forgot the name of my students {I taught fourth class}. One name which I still remember is Puju.
    Well Puju was a student from first standard but she never attended classes with her batch mates. She would either sit with her sister {who was in fourth standard} or she can be seen dozing somewhere. As soon as she was provided with any question, she would close her eyes and start dozing then and there. :). Only time span when she was active is that when chocolates are distributed to the students. - Very funny indeed. :)
    Due to various reasons I wasn’t able to continue my service into this mission after my third semester. But whenever I happen to come across through any such group of children, there’s a completely different feeling inside me & me searching an appropriate name for it.…….

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    1. Pretty good post mate. I could feel amongst those groups whilst reading this one....

    2. Contented said...

      Nice post man! Very touchy feeling I would imagine!

    3. The individual efforts are laudable and good. In the absence of govt. doing its job properly its great actually.

      BUT, to truly make a difference, the govt. should attack illiteracy on a large massive scale.

      It is JUST NOT DOING IT. Why not?
      Silly men at the helm spend money in irrational things like distributing television sets.

    4. priya said...

      U indeed have a big heart to help such students. Its always time for each one of us to escape in our own world isn't it. But when that time goes on, those kids will forget what they learnt......
      I think you shud include the web site URL and ppl' who are intereste din giving a helping hand can help too.

    5. Keshi said...

      there r so many unfortunate kids ard the world. sometimes I feel ashamed at my complaints.


    6. samuru999 said...

      Thank you for this post!
      How kind of you to help!
      It was nice to have you visit my blog!
      Take care!

    7. Sunil Parmar said...

      @Sreejith Kumar & Contented:
      Thanks for liking my post.

    8. Sunil Parmar said...

      You are right mate. If gov't get's serious over this issue. soon India shall se a paradigm shift.
      But as far as central gov't is concerned it's already running programs like 'Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan'. but it's the state gov't which is playing the gambit.
      If a person can ask his/her child about how did he spent 10Rs they gave in the morning.Then I think each one of us has the duty to question the Gov't about it's expenditure upon Literacy.

    9. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks!. I did so,beacuse i feel i've certain responsiblities towards my society. The student's shall not forget what they learn coz they do visit regular prepratory schools also nd many of them have outbitten children of the so called affluents.
      As this program is at local level i think providing related links shall be of no use. but if you really wan't to help.Help those around you.

    10. Sunil Parmar said...

      @La Vida Loca:
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

    11. Sunil Parmar said...

      You need not to feel so.
      It's not necessary to be a part of any such group directly. for ex: Now I m not able to give my service but i m a part of group of professional from my state who fund education of the poor and all i do is maintain their webpage and details.
      So you may also involve yourself in any such technical work.

      It's good that you feel for such children.

    12. Sunil Parmar said...

      It was nice to have you on my blog.
      You are a fantabulous poet.Love all of your poems.

    13. Very touching inspiring post.It is true that we get caught up in what we do and forget the ones left behind.Made me think of what I can do to inspire another.

    14. Sunil Parmar said...

      @Lalitha{Starry Nights}:
      My friends always complained that i don't express myself much. Now by starting this blog i started expressing myself. My intention of writing this article was only to share my thaughts & moments.I never knew that this'll inspire everyone. It's a matter of honour that this motivated you to think.
      Thanks for your appreciation.

    15. "for them suffering and compromise has no meaning, its life itself."
      This sentence is gripping...I never thought in these strict lines and we are always ready to complain about any small thing...You did a noble social service when you could do it and I am sure you will do it again as you seem to have an unexposed bond with these children and those tides will take you back to them one day! The smallest of things we do, makes the biggest of difference in ways we cant comprehend almost always!

    16. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks for appreciating my words.
      I'm already involved in the technical work related to one such mission.
      And it's definite that i'll such things in future. I'll be opening a chain of hospitals providing free facilities to the poor.(But it'll take time).

    17. Cuckoo said...

      I have also been thru this feeling, taught to some blind students again & again just coz they wanted me to be around.
      Nice thinking. Opening of hospital chain. Nice post too.

    18. Velu Nair said...

      Its wonderful to see that people still truly care, Sunil!! :)And ur narrative is nothing less than eloquence at its best. The picture has only added to its sheen!!

    19. Sunil Parmar said...

      This feeling is gr8....

      Thanks for visitng my blog nd i checked your's thaught provoking...

    20. Sunil Parmar said...

      Your words are always encouraging...
      I m more than obliged to have met you....
      And now we are connected at Orkut also....:)

    21. Michelle said...

      Thankyou for stopping by my blog :o)

      Such a moving post, breaks my heart to see kids such as these, without homes or food :(

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