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  1. A rational change

    Sep 5, 2006

    Books are men’s best friend.-truly said.
    Since the time immemorial, I’ve been highly attracted towards literature & to be precise enough books attract me more than anything else. During the initial period of this realm I was not much clear about what to read & what not to. As the time passed I adopted an approach: access all the newspapers & magazines and learn more about books (precisely bestsellers) & fetch the attractive one. Now having read more than two dozens of them, I feel a change in my attitude towards literature.

    Now the conventional fictional bestsellers do not attract me (recently tried 2-3 novels but my efforts were in vain). Now I feel an urge to read the everlasting literature (My current experiments are, Anna Karenin by Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Crime & punishment by Dostoevsky).Now I feel that a conventional novel- depicting greed, betrayal, murder etc is a time waste. And here we have nothing to appreciate except than that the plot of the novel.
    I think that this new change is good & its open handedly welcomed.

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    1. hey even i'm readind anna karneina. you are right. The coventinal one's are getting boring now-a-days!

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