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  1. There were dreams dreamt together
    And suddenly there were no more dreams.

    Initially I didn’t missed you,
    May be my mind wasn’t ready to accept the hard truth.
    As the time moved on, my heart started longing for you,
    But you never turned up.

    Remember those nights spent laughing and times when you cried,
    That Laughing out loud on poor performance and feeling depressed for trifles.

    They say: you never miss someone when you love completely,
    But there are moments when I feel the void,
    Maybe I haven’t loved you completely.
    Now I m holding that love, but don’t know where to shed it.
    May be someday I’ll find you.

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    1. Velu Nair said...

      Of a Love lost and still Yearned for???

      Is it fact or fiction??

    2. priya said...

      Just came thru' Velus blog.
      Thaz very sad and hard to digest. I remember myself losing my best friend too.

      One way is you can share his good thoughts and what he wanted to. This indeed will help you to comeback and be proud of your friend.

      We have no answers when things are taken away wat we love the most beyond our control.

    3. Hey...This one is a nice poem...I get the entire thingie..."Maybe I haven’t loved you completely."..You say this n I used to sing out "Coz I never loved you anyway...ehhhh.eehhh" :)

    4. thanks for visiting my blog... glad you liked the story I wrote...
      you have a great blog, by the way...

    5. hey thanks for linking me... u haven't typed it properly, though...

    6. Beautiful, emotional words.

    7. Thanks for the visit to my blog mate!

      Your lost friend right? Blogs allow you to express and share not only your thoughts and ideas, but also your emotions. This is truly about emotions.

    8. index. html is not required. the link will work without it too. actually u'd typed 'ttp' instead of 'http'.

    9. preetha said...

      That was beautiful.... Whoever it is meant for is surely lucky!!

    10. Sunil Parmar said...

      Thanks everybody for your caring & encouraging words.
      Your blog motivated me to share more thoughts on my blog.
      Your blog is too good & u made me realise the importance of blogging friends.
      Thanks a lot for your comments.You've a very impressive blog.
      I apologise for the mistake.
      @Starry nights: Thanks for your words.Your blog is too good.
      It was your blog where i found so much about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Hope to get such gr8 posts in future also.
      You r not that active these days, plz start posting your poems.

    11. Keshi said...

      what happened to this person?


    12. Keshi said...

      hey tnxx for telling me what happened. SO he's no more? Thats really sad. Im so sorry to hear that. He seems like a good person.

      but why d u look for someone to blame? It's not gonna give u closure is it? Cos blaming anyone/anything for his accident is not the way to look at it or ease the pain. It was an ACCIDENT. And accidents can happen to anyone. And trust me there's something called fate. If it was meant to happen, it will. Maybe that was all the time he was supposed to be here on Earth. As sad as it may seem, I'm sure God has better plans for him. Trust in that and let go of ur grief. Let ur good friend fly away with teh angels.


    13. Ipsita said...

      hi sunil..
      this is the first time i m writing a comment for u,which u had asked me to do much earlier..sorry for the late response..
      its anils b'day...
      and i dnt know how i suddenly landed up into ur page and came across ur poem..
      i have no words to express how gr8 a tribute u have paid to him...
      u are very creative...and i have become a fan of ur writings...i wish i cud write like u...
      u are really...
      a gr8 fren..
      a gr8 humanbeing..
      ..and wat else to say...
      never knew that a person with such a simple attitude cud have such huge numbers of hidden talents...
      ..m lucky to be ur fren ..
      keep up the good work...
      may god help u in fulfillment of ur dreams..

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