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  1. Ordinary things

    Aug 28, 2006

    What is ordinary?
    According to the oxford dictionary, ordinary is normal or usual. I would say "conventional". But now who’s ordinary?
    -Is the person who’s always a topper ordinary?
    -Is the person with good looks ordinary?
    -Is the person with rhetoric accent (which generally impress people) ordinary?
    Well ordinary is a relative term & depends upon the personal conviction of an individual. Here’s my perspective about "what is ordinary"?
    As stated before, a person doing conventional things conventionally is ordinary. Then the question comes is, are not we engineers & doctors (Or any other existing realm) conventional? - Yes we are. Because most of us just follow the paths traced by our predecessors & hardly try to accomplish anything out of box. As a mountain appears more beautiful to the distant observer than the mountaineer, same is the case with any realm. But this is not my topic today. I’ll take it some other time.

    So let us calibrate ourselves whether we are ordinary or extra ordinary or prodigal.
    Blessed are people who have abilities or eye of appreciation for unconventional realms such as music, art, literature & much more to name. Because he/she is more near to him/her self. - We may say that the Person is spiritual (Note: I’ve used word spiritual and not religious. I believe spiritualism is not the attainment of god but attainment of the purpose of our very being because that itself is god, which is bliss-the ultimate happiness. I would place such people to be of highest order.).

    Coming over to ordinary.
    Ordinary is a person who does the job assigned to him to an apt level but that is the only maximum he can put into it & nothing extra, nothing out of box. & that’s the end of his vision. Or say the upper limit of his horizon. A real life example is: "Getting Placed is the foremost big thing for most of the engineering students". This is what is called a limited vision.
    Ordinary is a person who doesn’t have eye for things worth appreciation (Art, music……).

    Being a teenager I would like to bring up the most discussed subject amongst people of my age group. - Yes, You got it right. I m talking about so called the art of attracting fairer sex (talking about both). I call it flirting & time waste whereas most of us call it as the ultimate happiness. Getting attracted to a person at very first sight (termed as love at first sight & the reasons being conventional ones such as looks, style, size of purse etc. thing in which I never believe) is an ordinary thing for which you don’t need any delicacy of thoughts & perception. We may say it’s just an ordinary thing & such things happen mostly with ordinary people.

    So in a nutshell extra-ordinary is a person with traits such as:
    -Strict disciplinarian.
    -A deep thought of purpose-a philosophical mind.
    -Even mindedness: A person who’s neither jubilant at any achievement nor sorrowful at any colossal loss.
    -The one who is ordinary++= extra-ordinary. For example:
    An engineering student is by default an engineer (an ordinary thing) but the thing which makes him extra-ordinary is these pluses.

    One sure trait about extra-ordinary people is that in spite of fewer in number they are easy to be noticed & I’m proud to have met such rare minds.

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    1. khushboo said...

      good job.

    2. Bluepanther said...

      A Nice post.

      I think discipline is the most important thing in life. To be able to do what you want to and when you want to requires a very high level of discipline. And once you achieve that there can be no stopping you.

      But again, I think there is no need to try and be Extra ordinary. Just be the best you can be and let the world decide what you are.

      Keep up the good work!

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