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  1. Today I’m going to discuss the only golden rule to succeed.
    Here I’ve not discussed rhetoric fundamentals from those bestselling philosophies but presented my own notions about what it takes to be a success.

    This short story justifies my belief:
    Once upon a time a king was to attack his rivalry kingdom.
    But the number of soldiers in his army was very less as compared to the other king. Upon reaching over the territory of enemy kingdom he ordered for the ships which brought them to be burnt down, and just said one line to his army
    Either you win or you perish”.
    And the result was that his army won.

    This story has a very great moral. As par my experience till date there’s only one way to win any war of life: Just burn down your ships. And success is surely yours

  2. 5 Comments:

    1. preetha said...

      so its a do or die policy for being successful in life right!!!
      i'll try that in my things, but its pretty difficult you know

    2. nice one sir...but i don't think that burning the ship is sure way to is said that "Discretion is better part of valor."

    3. swati said...

      well said Sunil...your perception abt success is true..that is " do or die "..
      i m sure u'd follow d same in your life...and i hope i"ll also take some inspiration from it...

    4. khushboo said...

      i know this story (ya ya u told me)
      newayz i think u r quite ryt.

    5. EMPEROR said...

      very well agreed sir,,,

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