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  1. Many a times you might have come across situations such as:
    Someone spitted on you from bus while you were standing at a commonplace,
    Someone spoiled your brand new shirt by throwing kitchen waste on you.
    Or few times you might have also committed such crimes.
    Now under such condition who’s at blame?-Obviously the person committing crime.
    But somewhere in this whole process don’t you think that we our self are responsible for such incidences.

    Ok!!! Let me explain in detail.
    As the world is progressing & the new technology is replacing the old one, the society is becoming more and more ignorant day by day. But how many times have we realized this?
    How carelessly we spoil the beauty of a common place by throwing wrappers & other waste materials. Our effluents have spoiled the rivers & other natural water sources.
    Ultimately who’s at loss?-It’s us. By us I mean each one of us.
    As far as each one of us is breathing the free air from nature we have debt’s to be paid to the Mother Nature.
    Let’s understand our responsibility and pay our debts by following these simple steps:

    1> Never spoil a commonplace. Keep the wrappers and waste material until you find a proper place to drop it.

    2> At least plant 2 trees a year. If you feel your debt to the mother nature just plant as many trees which shall produce oxygen equivalent to that you’ll consume through out your life time(taking your lifetime to be average of 65 years).

    3> While you smoke at common place you are not only spoiling your internal mechanism & causing pollution but also causing problem for non smokers. So please be careful about smoking at commonplaces.
    And if possible quit smoking.-At least for economical reasons.

    If you smoke a packet of cigarette a day for 65 years, here’s your expenditure stat:
    Cost of a cigarette pack= 20/-(Average)
    Cost of a matchbox pack= 2/-
    Number of days in 65 years= 65*365= 23725 days.
    Hence total expenditure=Number of days*(Cost of a cigarette pack + Cost of a matchbox pack).
    The result= Rs.521950/-(The good news for smokers is that they’ll not have to spend this much amount coz you’ll not survive these many years).

    4> don’t spoil water otherwise someday the status of people shall not be known by their bank balance but the amount of water their overhead tanks contain.

    So if you still don’t feel like paying your debts please don’t breathe the free air and device some other means for your survival.

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    1. khushboo said...


    2. Bluepanther said...

      Good to see your blog back in action. Nice thoughts.
      Smoking isn't good for health at any age. But, it is especially dangerous at a young age (17-21), because at that age the damage done is irreparable.

    3. rahul gupta said...

      yaar ab kya bataoin
      baat to sahi hail...
      this is real cool that there are still people who still feel somthing good about the world,
      this is great idea to make people give a thought to what they are exactly doing.
      May be some day this is eredicated compleately making this place more beautiful then ever.
      Also u know what will happen:
      our healthy world will have lakhs of workers unemployed,thousands of engineers,hundreds of MBAs,thousands related with transportation company,similar number related with advertising,enless shopkeepers will have to take samadhi n attain moksha,with no other option in hand.the number can be more which is directly or indirectly relying on this
      n thousands lifesaving docs relying on this evil will have do another degree to find some cool jobs insted of sitting idle.
      also once the people start living longer then starvation of poor can be common issue in order to feed the ones living longer then earlier.
      n government taxes will become 3 to 5 times of that of current ones to recover from the revenue losses.
      then we can say with head high and mind without fear "Mera Bharat Mahan". Jai Hind.

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