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  1. Promise of a Soldier

    Jul 26, 2006

    Written on: Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    I dedicate this poem to Captain Vikram Batra,Lt. Anuj Niar & all those great army sodier's who laid down their life for us.Here are the final words of a soldier to his beloved fiance'.

    You held my hands when life was pushing me down,
    You hugged me when the odds were against me,
    You moved in when others moved out,
    You felt jealous when I laughed with other ladies.

    Remember those hours spent by hill side,
    Just two of us at the sunset point.
    Your laughing on my silly jokes,
    A nap in your lap and your fingers running through my hairs.

    I could not keep my promise,because some promises are broken for a greater cause.
    With my motherland at stake,could not leave the battle field.
    People are insane and they'll question you,just tell them that:
    I gave my today so that they can see their tomorrow.
    Try to feel me in your tomorrow,shall be everywhere around you,
    Guiding you, Protecting you.

    Few lines for our martyrdom's:
    Out of streams of bullets, one was for you-
    which lifted you from the state of motion to that of piece.
    from the chaos to that of silence.
    The one bullet shattered the dreams you carried,and your physical sense faded away.
    But how shall we forget,that if it would not have been you.
    Millions would not be able to Dream a Dream.

  2. 4 Comments:

    1. Tarun said...

      hi parmar first blogged poem.
      Nicely done poem and u hv expressed the feelings of a soldier nicely....

    2. Jaipal said...

      Hey Sunil!
      Great creation.
      Keep going but not in classroom....

    3. Rahul said...

      This may not be the best thing to be done in classes but it is definetly a great piece of work. Thanks to the teacher who could find a genius in you and gave all of us such a beautiful art work
      keep moving......

    4. Tanu said...

      Hi Sunil,

      Beatifully written words for those gr8 martyrs...

      Ye Dil maange more

      Tanu Shree

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