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  1. I got introduced to the words of this great saint in my childhood days. Since then, I’ve been attached to his literature. Here I’ve not written an essay on Swami Vivekananda, rather I’ve shared few rare things related to him.
    Swami Vivekananda was a great saint from India who popularized the philosophy of Vedanta universally. Those of you who are not aware about him please go through following links.
    -About Swami Vivekananda {Vivekananda.Org}
    Most of us are aware about his great speech for which he won applauds from all over the world. I’m fortunate enough to have that speech in audio format {in 2 files}. Please feel free to download {Note: There has been a controversy regarding the originality of this voice. I don’t take the responsibility of any such controversy}:
    Click here=> |File-1|, |File-2|
    Some rare photographs of Swami Vivekananda are available on the net. Download from here: |Click here|
    You may also download wallpapers from here: |Click here|
    Screensaver: |Click here|
    There is plethora of literature available on Swami Vivekananda. But the only genuine is compilation of his complete work in 9 volumes.All the books of Swami Vivekananda are derived from these volumes.
    Soft copy of these volumes is available here:
    |Complete works of Swami Vivekananda|
    The hard copies also don’t cost much. You can order these from Ramakrishna Mission. |Click here|
    Subscribe to the daily quote of Swami Vivekananda. |Click here|
    Also you can send free e-greetings to your loved ones. |Click here|
    Hope you’ve benefited from this effort of mine.

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    1. Information rich post this one! I like the names of one of his works. It was the status message on my messenger for some time: "My India Arise"

      Got to see this post only now checking manually! My Google Reader failed to get the feeds from this! :-)

      Thanks a lot for the link you gave me on hacking!

    2. Keshi said...

      I have heard abt Swami Vivekananda alot...tnxx for this post Sunil!


    3. samuru999 said...

      I have heard of him...but do not know that much about him.
      Now,thanks to you I do!
      Take care...
      and have a great weekend!


    4. Gaurav Jain said...

      Sunil, that's a really information rich post!

      have a nice weekend.

    5. priya said...


      That is an interesting post and thanks for sharing it. I do admire his quotes.

    6. Bluepanther said...

      Swami Vivekananda was really a sun among the stars andhis life is an example for the youth to emulate.
      Nice Post!
      I just read the story you sent for your college short story contest. That is a good one. Keep your readers informed about the result.

    7. richa said...

      hi there...
      its nice to see such a detailed work and so much input from someone about the gr8 vivekanand ji in present days...really ur work is appreciable...

      but im sorry, i dint recognise u...

    8. Sunil Parmar said...

      It's too good to know that everyone of you is aware about Swami Vivekanada.
      My purpose of this post is fulfilled.
      Thanks for your appriciation.:)

    9. Arunavo said...

      Posting from the Uk. He is the guiding principle of my life and the bond between me and my motherland.

    10. Vinit said...

      Its Great Friend. I searched for Vivekananda in blogger, since i m a great admirer of him. And i have actually read Swamiji extensively.

      Good job done. Accept my appreciations. I have made a blog of my Guruji "", do visit it if you can spare some time.

      take care

    11. Anonymous said...

      could some one get me the pdf or ebbok of his complete works. i live in a 100% muslim country and so i cannot get the hard copy. email.

    12. jagtap said...

      sir g thanks
      bahut accha laga sari vivekanand g s related chije ek sath mil gai.

      thanks bhai....

    13. Aun said...

      Vivekanda Swami is one person which i admire a lot. His thoughts has inspired people not only in india but also around the world. The information you have shared is quite insightful.

      simple way of life

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