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  1. Hello friends!!!
    I wrote this blog on 14th Feb. –the Valentines Day, but wasn’t able to publish it due to some technical errors.

    So today is Valentines Day. In the morning I happened to go through a piece of news in the local daily & the news was like this- ‘A 105 years old man marries his 90 yeas old lover’.-What a love, simply great. If there would have been any life time award for love, I would surely give it to them.
    So I dedicate this blog to this couple.

    Well friends. Here I’ll share with you a real life inspired story. The main character of this story is Nikhil. Nikhil’s story is nothing but my preconceived notions about love and the real life example I have seen around. So here I begin.

    Nikhil is handsome, intelligent and a benevolent guy. He’s passionate about music(he's a big 'Bryan Adam' fan) & sports. He’s the guy next door to me. Richa is a very stunning and impressive kind of girl. She is a big novel geek and Judith Mcnaught is her all time favorite. Just a few days’ back I was playing Bryan Adam’s-Everything I do. And Nikhil entered my room. This was the first time this guy opened up to me. And eventually I came to know that he had a fall for Richa (my classmate)-Thanks to Bryan Adams, otherwise I would have not written this blog.

    He had asked her for a date and she agreed (maybe she also had a fall for Nikhil).Soon after their first date came the second and then the third one and so on. He also made me read all those wacky sms she has sent him. And to my amazement, the whole inbox was filled with her messages. There was no loophole in their relationship. As far as I’m concerned, I always felt Richa as a condescend kind of person & over-reacting, but anyways most of the girls are over reacting type. Today (Valentines day) when I entered Nikhil’s room he was busy with his work. It’s their day and this poor man is busy with his studies. Upon enquiring, came to know that Richa is not feeling well so they shall not be celebrating the Valentines Day. I asked him to give her a call, but her cell phone was switched off. Oh god!! Please help the needy girl because my friend loves her greatly.

    So friends it’s seven past thirty in the evening and I must take a leave for dinner.
    To sum up. This was Nikhil’s story and I do wish that someday I get a girl like Nikhil has. So Nikhil’s Girlfriend got a boy friend,
    indeed a commited guy like Nikhil.
    So I must leave & i'll catch you after dinner.

    Hey! wait wait. Nikhil just entered my room like a thunder storm and headed towards a friend of mine (Sandy) who’s sitting in my room….. Oh no……. things are getting muddled over here in my room. Ok let me get into the matter & I’ll write this blog after 15 minutes.

    So friends Here I ‘m after 15 minutes and Thanks to Saint Valentine, I got such a beautiful ending for my blog. So let me share with you the conversation between Nikhil & Sandy.

    Nikhil: (angry) You Ba****d, what were you doing out there today evening.

    Sandy: (seated calmly but perplexed) nothing, was just celebrating Valentines Day with my girlfriend.

    Nikhil: (more forcibly) U son of an S**t, she’s my girl friend.

    Sandy: what r u talking man, but I proposed her and she agreed….

    Nikhil: Oh no… she betrayed me… (and moves fast out of my room)

    It took me half an hour to console him, and I could sense his grief.

    So friends it was a sad incidence for not only my friend but for me also coz my concept about love is muddled now.
    And now the title of my blog sounds more appropriate- Nikhil’s girlfriend got a boyfriend.
    While writing this blog i havn't imagined that things shall get this way.
    So i no more need a girl like Nikhil got....

  2. 8 Comments:

    1. Tarun said...

      hi buddy, nice blog. wat hpnd to nikhil was reallly pity, but u don't worry u never get a girl like he got.........

    2. Ravneet said...

      What a nice blog. Describes the girls very appropriately....

    3. Rahul(Scorz) said...

      Well I say that it was really a good article(though it seemed humourous to me...). I dont know what u meant to convey (about girls) through this article, but I think that this does'nt happens always.Though what u said may be quite feasible, but still as all the fingers in our palm are not the same, likewise THEY all are not same either....... Believe it & be positive to everything....

    4. Tarun said...

      i think this is just a love story not anyone's story in particular . And here sunil hasn't described anyone's nature( u kno wat i mean) so mr. Rahul its not at all about girl's nature and one thing a LOVE STORY never comes to an ending. And one more thing this was not at all humourous ok

    5. Vijay Atal said...

      How nicely u put a full account of Nikhils urf........story..........u must write a love story................

    6. Bluepanther said...

      Hey sunil! I went through your blog and must appreciate your ideas and the style of your writing. It is as good as it gets. That said and done, I will also like to add here that you have to to a bit of work on your sentences.
      I loved what you have done to your template.
      All in all a nice blog. keep blogging.

    7. Alka said...

      Nikhil was better off without that girl.She might receive another proposal that might caught her fancy!! :-) in near future.

    8. Anonymous said...

      my god. what a mess if that was a true incident. don't get so confused yaar. u still have years ahead to explore the meaning of love and relationships. don't give up now.

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