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  1. One day out of Life

    Feb 19, 2006

    Is Life all about running & catching things?

    Hello Friends,

    Recently met a chatting friend of mine, he's a computer engineer & working with a software firm & drawing handsome salary. When I enquired about his life, all i got was an incentive to write this article.
    He missed his college life immensely & myself being a college student dedicate this article to him. Coz his experience led me to think about my life & here i discuss one day out of my daily routine.

    Well, before entering into this professional field i was a hermit who loved his grotto immensely coz it protected him as well as provided isolation.
    They say,"experience makes the man". But what if the person doesn't have adequate time left in his hectic schedule to sit and analyze his experiences?
    so here i begin with:

    It's 7:00 in the morning and the blaring sound of mobile alarm makes the Hermit (used throughout this article as alias for the author) wake up (mammas good boy,gets up early in the morning).
    With a bit of anticipation, this hermit turned professional (or you may call him "the Monk who bought a Ferrari") move in for a light jogging. After few minutes of slogging outside it's time to change and stride towards class. usually he's the second last person to enter into the class(last being the teacher) & last bench is the best option available to him. Last bench coz the teacher can't figure him out and also he respects the fact that some people are sleeping & they should not be disturbed by asking doubts or making any kind of noise. For him lectures are nothing but making the exact copy of his teachers notes(which obviously that teacher got from his).

    When the going gets tough this hermit takes a dip into a novel where the hero(Robert Langdon) is trying to decipher the codes hidden in the famous Mona Lisa painting by Da Vinci, or Whiteny is about to die on the very next page of the novel.
    The electrical teacher points out to him and asks: you back-bencher, tell me that "when will maximum power transfer take place across a transformer"?
    The reply generally starts with emm,sir emm..... probably when the copper losses are equal to the Iron losses..... And....Yes!!, Robert Langdon entered the right code. also the answers end with etc's, inorder to show that he knows much more than what he just spoke.

    Now 1 hr is left for the lunch & the haughty rookie shall be taking the computer programming class and this time Mr.Langdon is not able to break the codes, coz he's entrapped by the infinite loops & runtime errors. As the rookie's regime ends, it's time to stride fast towards the hostel mess. 10 minutes for lunch and after he gets logged-in to chat with a yahoo friend. But within no time the guy next door enters into the room and makes him realize that there's nothing to exult about the friends list in the messenger coz there's an assignment to be submitted within an hour or so.

    The world around him seems to be crestfallen and Google is the only option left with him for the assignment(these situations make him realize that Google is the greatest invention of man, not the wheel).With the assignments submitted it's time for the electrical practical, here in lab all the Einstein's surround the instructor's table as if corpse of any famous personality is being dissected. The instructor makes every one proud by endorsing emphatically that "an electrical engineer deals only with 440 volts", but the statement becomes clearer when someone touches a live connection-("electrical engineers deal only with 440 volts but they also die coz of 440 volts").

    As the practicals are over every face is filled with a strange kind of mirth. After this whole days tiring schedule, a cup of tea or coffee at canteen is the best option available, or else a hand into counter strike (a game about killing & getting killed) or chat with a yahoo friend relives from the whole days stress. by the time the counter reading enemies killed starts counting fast, its time for the dinner.
    As the dinner is over it's time to handle multiple tasks on the pc like a screen slave. One hand at yahoo chat and another at web editing or writing a blog like this one. All these things are accompanied by some catchy oldies or gajals of Jagjit singh or Gulam ali.

    So when the clock strikes 12:00hrs in the midnight, its time to log off all the chats & turn the pc off. coz at 8:30am it's power systems class.With this the hermit's day comes to an end.
    Usually the weekends are met with a trip to the nearest town and watching a late night movie along with friends or just sitting in the balcony and staring at the beautiful sky in amazement.

    Friends this was the glance of one regular day out of my life. by the time i was about to finish this article i got a bit nostalgic about my college life. I don't know why but, when i am away from this life the moments of laughter spent with friends make me cry and those of crying makes me laugh.
    I remember the words from the movie 'finding nemo':
    "Dream what you want to dream;
    go where you want to go;
    be what you want to be,
    because you have only one life
    and one chance to do all the things you want to do".

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    1. tarun said...

      hi dost nice blog

    2. Tarun said...

      familiar routine.
      hi bro, nice daytime u didn't write about night?
      oops its under construction. well i'd like to say that it is the same as mine rotine except the "jog" & the mobile alarm. its a "headshot" frm roommate whick awakes me

    3. Asmita said...

      hey very gud sunil.....may be i need to learn to write blog from u:p

    4. Karn said...

      First of all it's a nice attempt towards something creative. Right step in right direction I would say rather.

      Nice blog keep updating it.

    5. khushboo said...

      hey hi
      thank u a lot lot lot lot for leaving your suggestions .saw your site it's amazing yaar.thanx a lot lot lot for adding me in your friends list.ok then be in touch
      bbyeeeeeeee for now
      and ya i have seen this movie finding nemo
      lovely line from that movie hi hi
      cya and take care

    6. Ujjwal said...

      hey its well work from u sunil
      u know i dont really wanted to go through ur blog but as it initiatd my interest goes on and at last i realizec that oh i got over by the blog.

    7. Jaipal said...

      Hey Sunil!
      Great work man.
      I like the way you hav written

    8. Anonymous said...

      hi there
      khushboo here .thank for informing me and yes i really like your blog ,your website is very good too
      ok ok not just good actually very very keep in touch .

    9. Lunatic said...

      Welcome to Blogspot! Btw the comlilation was 2 gud!

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