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  1. Six word memoir

    May 5, 2008

    Hello friends. Due to some reasons I won't be available here till July end or August.
    Thanks for your valuable comments. And I'm sorry for not being able to post comments on your blogs.
    I'll miss my favorite blogs & bloggers. But i'll update myself when I'm back.
    Miss you all.
    Take Care! Stay Happy, Stay Good.

    I took this TAG from Rajeev's blog. And I tag everyone reading it. :)

    Sunil Parashar: A memoir in six words.

    "The other good name of LUCK!"

  2. 15 Comments:

    1. gunj said...

      dint make sense to me:(
      elaborate na plz!

    2. priya said...

      Good for you.

    3. you could have used more words I suppose ;)

    4. Meenu said...

      well .,. sorry samaj mein nahin aaya .. actually yeh other word kya hai?? memoir ya kuch aur ?

    5. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Thank you for your nice and supporting words my dear friend.

      Best to you and good luck!

    6. That's great!May luck always shine on you :)

    7. I hope it stays that way forever
      thanx for playin along bro!


    8. life is good said...

      u did nt mention "luck for u" or disaster for other
      he he :P

    9. S.Ghosh said...

      all the best to u and hope to see you soon on blogger's world

    10. Dave said...

      Take care Sunil!

    11. Stacey said...

      See you when you get back Sunil, take care ;-)

    12. krystyna said...

      Best wishes to you, Sunil!

    13. Hope you are doing good....see you soon

    14. krystyna said...

      Take care and have a great time, Sunil!

    15. Margie said...

      Hope you are back soon!
      Take care, Sunil!


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