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  1. Transition

    Sep 3, 2008

    Three months, and I’ve not written even a single word on this blog (a thing which I really adored during college days). It has nothing to do with my hectic professional life but the thing is, that I feel as if my heart and mind have stopped working. I hardly introspect these days and everything seems hazy.

    I don't know where my life is heading and what my priorities are, I simply don't know. Made so many commitments but everything in vain. The only positive sign is that since past few days I'm missing my blog a lot and thinking of a complete changeover (of blog) maybe this new resolution will refresh my priorities. And again I’ll be doing the thing I love.

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    1. Priya said...


      Life is a transition period and sometimes what we plan takes time to grow.

      Take one at a time and be easy in what you do. Coz what ever you do will come back to you with good things. Good luck and welcome back.

      Happy Birthday Virgo baby...

    2. krystyna said...

      Priya is right, what we plan takes time to grow.
      Sometimes what we plan is not what is our destination or our reall purpose.

    3. krystyna said...

      The more we worry about the future, the more it will impact our view of what will happen, for even if things work out the way we planned, we have worked ourselves up into a state of worry that is difficult to release.
      By reminding yourself today that your future will always be unknown and that the only thing you have is the present, you will open yourself to the wonders of each moment and find that your worry will be a thing of the past.

    4. krystyna said...

      Life is like as my youngest grandson first steps.
      (my last post)

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