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  1. Need some time

    Jul 13, 2007

    Hello friends,
    Life is too hectic now a days, i'm not getting time to write anything over here.
    Recently my system was down due to cold & fever. :(
    Yesterday i put my hands into a new domain.
    I've named my new blog as blogzene . If you've time do check it & leave your valuable comments over there.

    Regarding Strings of life. I'll be writing here after i'm done with my technical pressure.
    Most probably I'll be back in Sept or Oct.
    Till then i wish you all my special friends a good life & happiness.

    Note: In the meantime I'll be available at blogzene.

  2. 16 Comments:

    1. Margie said...

      Hi Sunil
      I'm here for just a minute.
      I'm heading out the door for work,
      So very nice to have you visit me again!
      I'm fine...thank you!
      I have to admit that life is rather hectic for me too.....not much free time.
      Same way for you, huh?

      Well, you will certaintly be missed here, but I'll be looking forward to your return in the Fall.
      I wish you much happiness too, and a very good life!

      Take good care my friend!


    2. Another hibernation? :O:O:O

    3. Keshi said...

      Wake me up when September ends then :)

      c u soon Sunil! TC.

    4. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Thanks for this inform, and take good care. There are many things in life: some are important, same more important and same most important. Do first what is most important.
      Blessings to you!

    5. Kalyan said...

      See you soon mate. Have a nice time!

    6. Pecos Blue said...

      Enjoy your break. I understand as you know I am in out a lot.

    7. keeyit said...

      Me too.. My computer also cannot work ... Sad...

    8. krystyna said...

      Greetings to you, dear Sunil!

    9. Hi Sunil,

      Just checking you out, take care and all the best.

    10. praveen said...

      Just now I started preparing for CAT2007. While searching for materials I came across ur blog and its amazing...thanks for those downloads in freewebs....

    11. krystyna said...

      I wish you
      A Very Happy Independence Day!

    12. Drama Div@ said...

      i'll see you around in september.

    13. hope everything will back in order.

      have a nice weekend

    14. Dave said...

      Looking forward to seeing you return...

    15. preetha said...

      u know its october?? just reminding incase u forgot to come back :) :)
      how r u???

    16. This blog needs update :)
      see you soon

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