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  1. I generally don't write movie reviews because I watch a movie, enjoy it, and just move on. Rarest of the rare movies make it to my second time list and Ye Mera India (Y.M.I) is one of them.

    » The Story line

    Written, Produced and Directed by N.Chandra, Y.M.I is a satirical analysis of common issues which we watch every day on news channels. It's a story about 12 people from various strata of Mumbai.

    Once an American scientist who did not believe in God visited India, and upon returning he straight away went to the Church upon which his friends asked about what did happen in India that he started believing in God? And he answered:
    I observed India very closely, It's a strange country. There are so many religions here, no common language and hatred at every level. The Hindus hate Muslims, Muslims hate Hindus, Upper caste hates the lower caste and even car owners hate the people who travel in rickshaws. There is so much hatred in this country and still it's progressing, now tell me who accept God can run this country?.
    Y.M.I is director N.Chandra's attempt to analyze this uniqueness in India. It touches the sensitive issues of Religion bias, Caste differences, Politics, Gender bias and the immigrant issues which are common in every other state now a days.

    »  Rating and Conclusion

    On the scale of 5, I would rate this movie as 4 for its good theme, cast and the story. When you finish the movie, I'm sure some change would have taken place inside you. With the ending note I would recommend this movie to every Indian.

  2. 8 Comments:

    1. krystyna said...

      I'm not Indian but I'd like to watch this movie. I like India and my dream is to visit this country one day.

      Sunil, your new template is perfect!
      Good job! Really love it!

    2. The Survivor said...

      The answer is so aptly put!!

      So True, even I sometimes wonder that...

      I'll try to catch up with the movie

    3. Solilo said...

      Sunil, I have never heard about this one. Is it new? I will sure try to catch this one. Political satire is a fav. genre.

    4. Sunil said...

      This is a patriotic kind of movie that is why I recommended it to Indians only. But still it will be a good watch for you too.
      Thanks for appreciating my new template. I'm still customizing it. :)

      A must watch & a perfect movie.

      That's what motivated me to write the review. I searched about this movie on the net and could not find anything relevant. what a pity. So I wrote this review.
      It got released on 28th August. It's a great movie & I'm sure that you'll love it. :)

    5. The Survivor said...

      You know, the movie has been released only in four places (not including the city where I live)

      I wonder why is the movie not released all over India, or least in the meteros...

    6. I've already watched it! And so have my roomies, it sure is a must!
      But unfortunately, i had to dld and watch, since dvds arent availble here. Most people havnt heard abt it too! Well I'm glad I did. thanks for the post.

    7. Sunil said...

      Yes, that is the sad part of it. I too downloaded it from the net.

      You know Y.M.I got released in selected cities only. Even I had to download and watch.

    8. Anonymous said...

      dear all,
      i am muslim pakistan. i like this movie as a whole. story, plat, pictuization is good. but important thing is link between all characters.
      but dear director, can i say one thing that i agree with your solution of promoting humanity. but i never understand that humanity and humanism can be produecd in presence of nonlogical and class based wrong mythes of religion specially hinduism....
      bye athar waqar

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