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  1. 25 Revolutions

    Sep 6, 2009

    He is just an ordinary guy with ordinary dreams, that's it, No big deal.
    When young, he would curiously dream of becoming the BIG GUY. The one who is lavish in living & could marry the girl of his dreams. But nothing sort of that has actually happened till now.
    Life is such a ----- thing. Your desires are never fulfilled; maybe because you never actually stop desiring?.
    25 years have quietly passed by and the hairs on his head have started aging. Gosh! It is a complete lie that mirrors at times fake, Mirrors never fake!.

    With time friends are getting fewer and you realize this when your internet banking account is the first one to remind you of your Birthday; after all technology is getting more friendlier than human beings. After completing 25 revolutions around the sun, he just wish if life could be better than what it is?.

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    1. Tarun Goel said...

      May be it is time for the introspection, if you think friends are getting fewer.
      I thought of calling you yesterday night, but then feared that my call might go un-answered yet again.
      Howeevr, at least I did not this reminder post to remember your b'day.
      Happy B'day dude.
      Just make sure that you want friends, and they will be there :)

    2. The Survivor said...

      Many Many Happy Returns of the Day

      Hope all your wishes come true, just hang on and they will :)

    3. Solilo said...

      Happy Birthday, Sunil!

      You are right. With time all relationships change esp. friendship because people get busy in their own personal life and adjusting to new surroundings.

      Anyways, Have a blast!

    4. Solilo said...

      BTW gravatars aren't visible on this blog. It shows an X mark.

    5. Belated birthday wishes Sunil ! 25 means quarter life crisis! Hits everyone!!! So just hang on.. days will become better and friends closer! I m sure!

    6. Sunil said...

      Thank You Friends.Your wishes and suggestions mean a lot for me. :)
      Thanks a lot.

    7. aahang said...

      Dear Sunil,
      I had put up a similar post some times back.When restaurants,hotels,banks and cab companies are the first ones to wish you your birthday you wonder its something to be happy or sad about.
      Many Many Happy returns of the day !!

    8. krystyna said...

      Happy Birthday, dear Sunil!

      I wish you the best,
      I pray that your dreams will always be blessed.
      May your heart be filled with happiness,
      And your dreams of tomorrow, be filled with success.

    9. Sunil said...

      Thanks a lot dear.

      Welcome dear. Thanks a lot for your wishes, they matter a lot to me. :)

    10. Shas said...

      Wish you Belated Happy B'day!!

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