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  1. Ram and the Leela

    Sep 24, 2009

    RamAvatar a local electrician was to enact as Lord Hanuman in the village Ramleela. Though a man of weak physique, he did not settle for any other role. Everyone in the village, be it children or the ladies made fun of him and this was his only chance to prove something.
    His role for the first day of Ramleela was simple, he was to enter the stage with a dummy mountain in his hands and speak out "Jai Shree Ram"- his only dialogue for the day.
    But RamAvatar was a cleaver man, he thought, why not use some creativity and impress the villagers?.
    In the afternoon, he took a metallic plate and decorated it with electrical bulbs and wires, giving it the shape of a mountain, and placed it on the branch of a tree right above the Ramleela stage. He also tied a long rope to the branch. Upon his turn in the evening, he would light up the bulbs, hold the dummy mountain in one hand and the rope in the other and would climb down right into the middle of the stage and speak out his dialogue.
    Some guys from the village came to know about his plans for the day and they thought of fooling him. So they climbed the tree and short circuited his electrical decoration.

    In the evening when the villagers gathered for the Ramleela, RamAvatar climbed the tree and eagerly waited for his turn. The right moment came. He switched on the circuit and as soon as he lifted the dummy mountain he got a heavy electric shock and fell right in to the middle of the stage. Gathering courage he got up and screamed out loud: "Who the bloody hell did that?". And the entire audience broke into laughter.

    On the second day everyone was astonished, for some other man was portrayed as Hanuman. What about RamAvatar? Where was he?.
    The entire audience again broke into laughter when RamAvatar entered the stage as Goddess Sita.

  2. 6 Comments:

    1. AS said...

      hahahah! nice one !

    2. The Survivor said...

      I did not knew size zero was a hit during those times too :P

    3. Solilo said...

      Ha..ha..ha.. you are howlarious!

    4. Shas said... are turning funnier day by day. i wonder what more happened when he enacted the role of Goddess Sita. Why don't you write a sequel to it.

    5. Sunil said...

      Thanks dear. :)

      Sorry dear, but I really couldn't get your comment.

      Thanks dear, :)

      Thanks, your comment is very encouraging. :)
      Sequel to this one is a good idea, maybe I'll strike something out. :)

    6. First time on your blog... loved the way this story is told :)

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