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  1. Just imagine your death bed.  Your family, friends, office colleagues & relatives are attending your funeral. I mean, it may sound a bit strange but just imagine it for a moment. And also imagine the things for which you'll be hated even after you are dead.

    » Habit 1: The egoistic jerk (Wife's perspective)

    See his face, won't even smile on the death bed, such an egoist. O' God he is gone and the whole family is just a bunch of Morons, I can't adjust with them. I'll update my IndiMatrimony dot com profile, maybe I can get some hot hunk this time. After all, excluding Sundays & holidays I'm mere 26.

    » Habit 2: Married against my wish (Father's perspective)

    If he would have married Mr. Sharma's daughter he would have lived 100 more years. From the first day I knew that this lady is not good for him. Son of a fool. God, take good care of him and get him married to the girl of your choice because he is a complete idiot at that.

    » Habit 3: Bloody drunkard (Friend's perspective)

    No one could beat him in drinking, he was a big size Tanker. I know him since school days, whenever nervous, he would take two heavy pegs and face the situation. He even did this for the college Viva.  O' God, may his soul rest in peace and I promise I won't drink now onwards, unless un-till some friend insists. You know I'm poor at saying No.

    » Habit 4: Good for nothing (Colleague's perspective)

    All day he kept surfing the net. Now I'll have to clear his share of files. He he :), He didn't even knew that I got him transferred to this department. Anyways, he was good for nothing. Now that one more fool is less in my department I stand a chance of promotion.

    » Habit 5: Rahul was a better option (Girlfriend's perspective)

    I can't believe he is dead. Now who'll pay for the dresses I've ordered at the tailor's?. He denied everything I asked him, wife was always the first priority and look at her, bloody B***h, She can't even fake tears. O' god forgive me for the sin but I think Rahul will pay for the dresses, after all he is head over heals in love with me.

    » Habit 6: The Selfish Moron (Family pet's perspective)

    Everyone except him cared for me. The other day I tried to take a bite from his plate & the moron hit me hard with his leg. Bloody jerk! Even dogs have heart. He always wanted me out of this house. But at times he really took my side and yelled that "He was living a dogs life in this house" - the softer him. May his soul rest in peace.

    » Habit 7: _____ (Mother's perspective)

    A mother who hates her dead child? Such mother does not exist.

  2. 6 Comments:

    1. A S said...


      nice one! what a creative idea... loved it !!

    2. pria said...

      That is life and without all this we live alone.

    3. Solilo said...

      Ha..ha..ha.. good one.

      Where is the child's perspective?

    4. Sunil said...

      Thanks a lot. :)

      Hi dear, How are you? Very true. That is how life is.

      Child's perspective could be something like:
      Yes, Now I can have the new Bike. Or something like that. :D

    5. The Survivor said...

      This was an interesting insight :)

    6. Why so cynical!!??? I am sure wife and father will also not remember anything bad... unless one was really a jerk, and if he was a jerk the mother might think, "If only he was a nicer person, he would have been missed when he is gone."
      Have you seen Mother India?

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