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  1. Rape & Conscience

    Sep 2, 2009

    A 19 year old mentally challenged girl is raped repeatedly by the security guards of the institution she stays at. (You may read the complete story over here)
    This issue was in limelight because the girl fought for justice, but there are numerous cases where the victim simply stays mute due to obvious reasons we all know.
    Newspaper dailies are filled with news about the atrocities faced by females amongst which rape is the worst of a thing a woman could ever face.

    Due to lack of physical strength the female fraternity has ever been victimized and this thing is also obvious in the holy epics such as Mahabharata or Chanakya Niti.
    Draupadi, the single wife of the five Pandvas had to face the Cheer Haran (Stripping of clothes). Lord Indra - who is depicted as a strong character in the Indian mythology too fell for the wife of Gautama Maharishi.

    Man is known to be a social animal but I often wonder that though an animal is not gifted with as much conscience as man, they (the animals) are better known for their caring attitude towards females. Is it that along with intelligence a man is also provided with greater libido for whose gratification he can do anything?

  2. 5 Comments:

    1. The Survivor said...

      Its really sad that how people sometimes forget their conscious and follow their animal instinct...

    2. Solilo said...

      Rape is a serious issue and we will never understand why someone stoops so low to harm another bring this cruel way. Sometimes age doesn't matter, gender doesn't matter. The scar that is left is so deep that many just withdraw to the shell.

      I hope we have worse punishment for the crime but sad! that is not always the case.

    3. Ingrid said...

      I read that article, and I must say that it's an absolutely frightening story. I agree with the Solilo, rape is a serious issue and the scars that are left can make anyone break down ..

      sad sad :( very sad.

    4. Sunil said...

      @The Survivor:
      I agree, but even animals don't have such a bad instinct.

      I agree, I believe that the sinners should be immediately hanged once their crime is proved.

      It is really very sad.

    5. A S said...


      such a touching post this one is.. rape is i feel. is the only crime wherein the victim is punished by the society, is mentally tortured and has to undergo all the agony and loneliness...thats the sad reality :(

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