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  1. "Catch them young" is an old and a bit outdated adage, you realize this only when you are old enough, and an old man with a young catch? definitely there is some error in the code.

    There was an era when "Have a bike, have a girlfriend" was a major hit. But these days who doesn't have a bike? and guys seem to have learnt it the harder way. You and your friend follow a girl on bike & she hardly gives any Bhaav (Value). Her silence means "Guys, this is old fashioned, try something new."

    Every era has its style of love, firstly there was the era of Sacha Pyar (true love) where the girl's family would get her married to anyone except the guy of her choice. Then came the era of "Hogi Pyaar ki jeet" or we may say the era of "Love never dies". Here the girl would love against the family wish, only to realize later that the guy of her choice was not like what she thought of him and then she would decide to marry the guy her father had chosen for her, but at the very last moment she would realize that she was wrong, and that her lover was her love for life. We can also name it as era of Confusion.
    Next came the era of "Money hai toh honey hai", where the girl would love the rich guy and say blind no to the poor guy who was in love with her.

    We have been through so many eras and love has ever stayed love. But now the latest trend is that of "Sorry Bhai". That is look out for your best friends girlfriend and then just apologize to him. Now that the female ratio is declining at a very high rate, isn't it that we are left with very limited options?

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    1. The Survivor said...

      All Bollywood movie love stories came under one roof here.

      Never thought the situation was so grim :P

      Kuch karna padega :)

    2. Solilo said...


      "Have a bike, have a girlfriend" My brother used that on his gfs. I think it is not about bike or cars. It is about being Cooool. Guys and bikes...something we girls will never get.

    3. Sunil said...

      :D Definitely kuch karna padega.

      :D That is very true...

    4. Shas said...

      Just imagine what will happen to menfolk if the entire female species get wiped out of this earth.

    5. It isn't bikes that's for sure, maybe some sense of humour some good listening... being interested is better than a cool bike(just guessing)...

      And women are definitely an endangered species today.

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