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  1. Tim Asks

    Sep 27, 2009

    In the retrospect I desired to be a famous cartoonist. My dreams got shattered the day my drawing teacher asked us to draw an elephant. I gave it my best shot. After putting much pressure on his right brain my drawing teacher named my sketch as Buffalo. I happily accepted the award of two beatings for the masterpiece. For I thought he named my cute elephant as Buffalo because my sketch was Untitled. It was my friend cum roommate who made me aware of the actual fact. Maybe it happened coz I never saw an real elephant. Or maybe I ignored the fact that an animal could have such a massive pipe like structure in place of the nose?.
    Well that was that.
    Recently I happened to stumble upon this great site named ToonDoo. It's an online tool for creating cartoons and animation. And here is my experiment (Though the joke is not my original).
    Tim Asks:


  2. 8 Comments:

    1. Was googling for daughter's day and somehow landed on this very interesting blog !! The cartoon is cute :)

      I think your teacher was neither creative, nor sensitive. Reminded me of the art teacher in Tare Zameen Pe.

    2. haha... this is hilarious. Oh, today's generation! :-)

    3. The Survivor said...

      Good Try Mate.

      Naming an Elephant Buffalo, when did that happen?

    4. Shas said...

      Good attempt. You got the right expressions on the kids face.
      Keep it up!!

    5. AS said...


      nice one again ! this cartoon shows the reality! it reminds me of a joke i read somewhere:

      lady to her 13 yr old daughter: dear, its time we should discuss about sex.
      daughter : yup! ask, what do u wanna know!

      kids are not 'kids' anymore, they are far too mature for their ages.

    6. Hey cool cartoon man... i HAVE to check out ToonDoo now!

      And no offense to you or anybody but IHM's comment "Reminded me of the art teacher in Tare Zameen Pe" makes you the kid in Taare Zamin Pe... :))

    7. Solilo said...


      Sunil, Some time back I too created 2-3 cartoons using ToonDoo and even posted one on SRK frisking on my blog.

    8. Sunil said...

      Welcome to my blog. I'm glad that you liked it.
      Thanks for your kind words.
      But I'm not as creative as the Taare Zameen Par kid. :)

      Hello dear, how are you?.

      @The Survivor:
      :D Just Childhood memories, mixed with fiction.

      Thanks dear. :)

      Hahaaa!!! Good one :D

      Now that's not fair. I'm not that creative. :D

      I saw that, it's interesting. :)

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