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  1. Monkeys are everywhere

    Sep 18, 2009

    Once a dog was passing through the jungle when he noticed a lion coming his way. He got scared, the lion may kill him. He noticed a bone lying on the ground and immediately turned his back towards the approaching lion. When the lion came very near, the dog yelled at the bone, "You bloody lion, you think you are the strongest of all the animals?, Now see you've become my delicious meal. And don't you dare forget the lesson."  Hearing this, the lion got scared, that the dog has already killed one lion, and he is strong, he may kill him too. So the lion backed off and started running into the woods.

    A monkey was watching this from the nearby tree and he thought why not approach the lion and narrate the actual fact?. Hearing this the lion would appreciate him and would never eat him. So the monkey ran for the lion.
    After a few minutes the dog saw the lion angrily running towards him followed by the monkey. He immediately realized the situation and again turned his back towards the lion and started yelling at the bone, "You know?, You could have not become my meal if you would have not followed the advise of the monkey. See now, he has gone to fetch another lion."
    The lion heard the dog, got scared, and again escaped the scene. The rest you can very well imagine.

    This story has a very strong message, "beware of the monkeys".
    These monkeys are everywhere, in the offices, colleges, social gatherings. All I wonder is that what do they really get out of all this?

  2. 7 Comments:

    1. Shas said...

      Well-written and worth pondering. You are right monkeys are everywhere.

    2. Solilo said...

      That was good. It reminded me of Panchatantra/Jataka tales. :)

    3. AS said...


      wow! nice one ..quite witty..heheh!
      is it ur original work or a folk tale ??

    4. Sunil said...

      Thanks dear, I happened to encounter one such monkey lately. It made me recall the tale.

      Thank you dear.

      I'm not sure about the origin of this tale. I've read it somewhere. Lately I happened to meet one such monkey, the incidence reminded me of this story, so I thought why not share it over here. :)

    5. The Survivor said...

      One will find such people at all walks of life.

      The only way to handle them is to be wise like the dog :)

    6. workhard said...

      HAHAHAHA.. That is so true.. monkeys are everywhere... i ve had some personal experience..

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    7. Monkeys think they would earn some goodwill and protection. I agree such people do exist.

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