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  1. Aaiye Sahab, Aaiye. Welcome to BookTroniks, we are one of the best book stores in Dilli. Myself Mr.Mishra, you can ask for any kind of book.
    That's interesting, I interrupted. Do you have a copy of "One hundred years of solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
    Arey Sahab, Kya baat kar di aapne? Mere hote hue aapko foreign author ki book padhni pade?
    And he immediately handed me a copy of "My Spouse" by Dobha De.
    I was scanning through the pages and the chatter box started: Sahab, Dobha Ji kya likhti hain!. You won't get a better book on male-female relationship than this one.
    Upon this I asked: But Mishra Ji, I have heard that she had some problem with her first husband and she got divorced?
    Arey Sahab, Aap bhi kamaal karte hain? If she is a divorcee, that means she is quite experienced in this field?.
    Valid point. But I declined to go for it and asked,
    Mishra Ji, can you suggest me a good book?
    Mishra Ji to his helper: Arey chotu, go and get a copy of  "Kamasutra" from the top shelf.
    Me: Arey nahi nahin Mishra ji, you got me wrong. All I'm asking you is to recommend me a popular book. I mean a book which is much in demand.
    Mishra Ji: Arey Sahab, this book is never out of demand and you know we have only three copies left?.
    Me: Mishra Ji, try to understand, I'm not yet qualified enough to contribute to the India's population.
    Mishra Ji: Kya Sahab? When I was about your age, my third child was in the first standard.

    Mishra Ji was about to speak more but a lady entered the book stall and asked for a copy of "The monk who sold his TATA Safari".
    She was going through the index page and I interrupted, Excuse me madam, If you like fiction then I think there are much better options than this one. This book is more of a self help kind of stuff.
    The lady agreed and asked the shop owner: Mishra Ji, can you suggest me a Good Book?
    With the copy of "Kaamasutra" still in hands, Mishra Ji glanced towards me.
    And I immediately left the book store.......

  2. 6 Comments:

    1. Shas said...

      Lolzz....did this happen to you or its a fiction.

    2. ha ha ha! good one...
      I've had a lot of mishraji encounters myself!
      (havnt been yet offered the "good book" yet though!)

    3. Solilo said...

      Ha..ha..ha.. Kamasutra remains the most popular book.

      Waise Dhobha De ka blog-wog padha kya?

    4. Sunil said...

      :) Not exactly same but something similar happened with me at Delhi.

      Thanks! :D

      Nahin, abhi uske newspaper editorials padh lun utna hi kaafi hai. :D

    5. The Survivor said...

      You put Mishraji in a tight spot there :)

    6. AS said...


      hehehe! interesting! I got a copy of 'surviving men'by 'Dobha De' ;)

      believe me, its crap! its written in a very explicit language, and a complete 'paise waste'....

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