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  1. Bloody Orkut

    Mar 6, 2009

    Someday you log in to your Orkut account and find a friend request from some Mr./Miss. Stranger. At first you wonder how the hell-on earth people are left with much time and patience to search profiles and dig you out. You feel like declining the request and mind your own business but your instincts tell you to be fair and at least check out the profile of the request sender. You hit the profile link and find that you and Mr./Miss. stranger have many friends in common. Finally your curiosity level goes high and the "Sherlock Holmes" in you wants to explore more about him/her.

    You scrap(message) one of your known friends to enquire about this Mr./Miss. stranger and finally get the reply: “Don’t tell me that you don’t remember this guy, he is the one who kicked you hard in front of the whole school”. Or the reply is “Don’t you remember her? She is the one whose brother almost knocked your teeth out for fixing your eyes upon her.” -Boy! What the hack! You can’t even compliment a girl for her appealing looks… And I just hate this boyfriend/brother kind of fraternity for not being able to resist their girlfriend or sister being complemented by some other guy.
    Maybe most of the girls underestimate themselves.

    Hi! My name is Tim and I’m sixteen years old, probably that is sufficient for the time being. Something similar happened to me last week. All those memories came rushing back to my mind and I immediately accepted the friend request leaving back a scrap to the known stranger: “Hey buddy! How are you? Where are you these days man? You are barely recognizable; your appearance has changed completely. By the way how’s your sister? (Boy! I just deleted the last line before posting the scrap, after all a grown up male has more respect towards his teeth.)”.
    Now! I’m eagerly waiting for the reply. Maybe I’m too getting infected with this Orkut virus.

  2. 4 Comments:

    1. Priya said...

      No privacy and people just visit, read anything written ther.

      I have reduced my presence in many networking sites coz its too much time.

    2. Tarun Goel said...

      Thats not so nice of you d***e :D
      See, its not good to hit on girls when you are growing old :D

    3. hey good to see u active again on the blogosphere :)
      howsit going??
      ur fotos are really good!!!

    4. divsi said...

      lol..its a migraine for gals who list themselves as single...those morbid frannnnshaap requests..wish there was an option of single n unavailable:p

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