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  1. Busy Bee

    Feb 27, 2009

    "Dedication to duty is not a sacrifice but a justification to our existence."

    Busy bee- My favorite photograph (till now). Captured this one while on morning walk.

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    1. Yogesh said...

      You are lucky to see so much greenery in your morning walk.

      Liked the quote, but I don't think everyone believes in this.

    2. Arjun B S said...

      hey Sunil...

      I'm doing good man..

      this is a great pic, btw

    3. krystyna said...

      Great shot, Sunil!
      My best wishes to you!

    4. beautiful quote and let me tell u that photograph is fresh as morning as you have taken it that moment :)
      It brings that freshness in it :)
      Cheers dear

    5. Priya said...

      Lovely picture:)

    6. beautiful pic... yellow and green makes the best nature colours....

    7. Shas said...

      Lovely pic it looks like a pro. I checked your flikr collection. I jus loved the pic where a dog was resting his chin on a rod.

      Wanted a bit of advice from you. i was planning to buy a camera but am a bit confused. I read your post on the camera. Was thinking of buying Sony cybershot now and SLR later coz i love photography but i guess its a bad idea. Can you plz tell me how is D80 of Nikon. I checked the website for information on SLR camera but it confused me further and there were few things which were a bit technical which went above my head.
      Will be glad if you can help me out with some information or advice.

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