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  1. Kill One

    Feb 21, 2009

    Note: The views expressed below are entirely personal and not intended to harm any individual/faith.

    “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.” -Said the Jesus of Nazareth.

    India hosts a million-dollar industry in the name of religion & god. We have numerous Babas, Pujya Babas, Satya Shris & Shri Shris to name a few. We even have dedicated channels & newspaper columns for these babas/masters.
    Morning TV channels, newspaper front pages, offices, restaurants, cabs, busses, market places, cinema halls, rickshaws, Jewelry, books, magazines. ……. Boy! These babas are everywhere.

    From those posters and hoardings posted out there they point at you; they stare right into your eyes as if you are the last helpless soul left on the mother earth. They laugh at you, they mock you and in the end when you are convinced of being the last most distressed soul left on this earth you are asked to contact some Mr. Sandeep who seems very much in love with Indian railways; because in 95% of the cases this Mr.Sandeep resides near old railway station or behind new railway station or may be near old railway colony.

    Some Babas though have taken an entirely different course. They differ in their approach and are termed as high-class babas and the testament to this statement is that you won’t find their posters or hoardings in public. They are accessible either through some dedicated TV channel or else you’ll have to type “BABA” in your mobile and text it to some four-digit, easy to remember number. After this you are greeted by a reply message and soon their executive (mostly hot sounding female) gets in touch with you and the whole issue boils down to the “Advanced Course” Fees. Finally you denounce this high-class baba for all ill reasons where the real reason being the unaffordable fees.

    In the end with no option left you contact some Mr. Sandeep - Near or behind the old railway station.
    “No one can serve two masters….” So said Jesus and we’ve chosen these babas over god as the masters of our fate and killed the later.

  2. 3 Comments:

    1. Yogesh said...

      I completely agree.

      Messengers of God are accessible only to the privilege few and to say that they were supposed to live a simple life amazes you, when you hear that they have a huge bungalow near Juhu beach.

    2. Sunil said...

      And the amazing thing is that this fraternity is increasing day by day. :)

    3. Very true!!! I some how get scared when I see these Baba's ... lol! Its always the cheat feel that you get from them...
      I loved your post
      and BTW thanks for the suggestion...I don't think wordpress has that facility but yes as you said needs to figure out...let me know if you have the idea ;)
      Thanks dear

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