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  1. Last week while traveling in a local transport bus I found answer to the much sought-after question: Why doesn't India progress?

    This Mr.A was standing by the seat of some Mr.B.

    Mr.B to Mr.A: Hey! Get off my shoulders boss!. Don't take support of my seat, move somewhere else.

    Mr.A to Mr.B: (Frowning)

    What? What did you say?
    Boss! this is public transport OK?. You want me to buy a car? Well I can't afford that, so if you are worried about the comfort, you better travel by your own vehicle. . . .You can't expect everything here.
    It's because of people like you that India doesn't progress. It's you people who make India miserable. Few more like you and India will be a pathetic country.
    O Jesus! See where the world is heading in your absence please help these poor souls...

    Over hearing this conversation a smile followed my face, why not? after all I found answer to a question which bothered me for years.

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    1. lots of people concerned abt the development of nation, huh? esp. in crowded transport!

      trust me, it's the same here in Aus as well! a country only smoothly runs as well as its transport systems.

    2. Yogesh said...

      Good Observation Bro.

    3. Tarun Goel said...

      :D Poor India, Poor Indians, Poor us :D

    4. Onkar said...

      You are right. It is the attitude which is the problem.

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