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  1. By launching World's cheapest car 'Nano",
    Mr. Ratan Tata has not only given a technological wonder to the world but also proved that Indians are capable of doing anything.

    Hats off to Mr.Ratan Tata. Nano is a true gift for every Indian as well as the world.

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    1. Priya said...

      Cool and lets the desires of many people who wanna own car is fulfilled...

    2. tarun said...

      bawa nano bhi chal hi lo ab saath saath :D
      Tata and Ambani are the two only things happening in the Indian Economy

    3. Yogesh said...

      It truly is!!

      Wondering whether our congested roads can take the additional burden.

    4. Its cute I can say ....let's hear it how it actually works as what I read is its not doing good...!


    5. There used to be a joke in TCS that Ratan Tata is introducing Nano with the Tata employees in mind. As the pay cannot buy any other car ever :D :D
      On a serious note, its a gift to Indians too! A lot safer than bikes are in todays roads..

    6. Wow! thats a promising one! And a cute one too after Spark! u planning on owning one Sunil sometime soon?

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