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  1. Dear Bapu,
    I'm a fellow Indian born three decades after you left this world. After going through various books, articles & documentaries about you I feel that you were an ideal human being where your contribution towards Indian independence is exemplary itself.

    Being one of the most respected leader in the world it is apparent that people(specially we Indians) have deep affection for the things related to you. Recently some Mr.James Otis from California claims to have few of your belongings and has made them available for auction. Though Mr.James Otis seems to have fair intentions (James Otis: "My intent never was to create any sort of anger or animosity towards the auction, it was the opposite: to promote Gandhi's words, actions, and to promote nonviolence in any way we can.") the question that remains unanswered is: When your final will makes Navajivan trust as the legal heir of your belongings, how did Mr.James managed to get hold of them in the first place? And even if his claims are genuine, where were Indian govt. and the Navajivan trust all these days? What is the point in shouting out loud now?
    Though Mr.Vijay Mallya did a brave job by paying a sum of USD 1.8 million at the auction, Mr.James Otis now wants all these items back. And with your great grandson Mr.Tushar Gandhi entering the race the matter is definitely heading towards the worst.

    Where your belongings should be a matter of national pride, everyone is busy politicizing the event. With the complexity increasing day by day maybe I should write to Mr.Sanjay Dutt of the Munna Bhai fame, but right now he too is busy getting his political equations right.
    Your presence in this mess would greatly reinstate "Raghupati Raghav Rajaram..." in place of "Dekh Tere Sansar Ki Halat Kya Ho Gayi Bhagwaan.."

    Thank You,
    Your well wisher.

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    1. Priya said...

      Well written is all I can say and not to ponder dirty politics.

    2. Tarun Goel said...

      bande me tha dam, Vande Matram.
      Although, I [personally] see no point crying over specs, undies and all other sort of things, when the real thing i;e his teachings are still untouched, then what is the point of this foul cry :(

    3. Yogesh said...

      We, Indians are really very bad at handling items which holds culturally and historical importance to us.

      His teachings are more important than his items. It is so odd that there are so many of us who are still not aware of his teachings (I am one of them).

    4. Sayani said...

      thats a sensible letter i ve seen now...
      now i feel "respect" a vague word ...nobode seems to valuate his ideas ...leave along specs

      wish we could really be indian

      gr8 write up

    5. krystyna said...

      India is proud to have such great thinker and man as Gandhi was.
      I wish the best to your beautiful country India!
      Really very well written post!

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