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  1. Blog makeover

    Mar 30, 2009

    Since past few days I have been thinking about complete makeover of this blog, right from the title to the style. I had always been in love with the phrase 'Strings of life' but since past few months the outlook of my blog has changed from personal to general perspective. Hence I've decided to change the title 'Strings of life' to 'Thought Cafe' so as to justify the type of articles posted over here, and now onwards I'll focus more on writing articles of general concern.
    Your suggestions in this matter are much appreciated.

  2. 7 Comments:

    1. krystyna said...

      "Thought Cafe" sounds very good, Sunil. I like your blog style, white is the best, and this template is the best. My Polish blog is with this template and I like it more than others.
      Have a happy day!

    2. Sunil said...

      Thanks Krystyna,
      This is one of the default templates provided by blogger. I've just edited few features in it. :)

      Happy day to you too. :)

    3. Hi! umm... I'd like a large milk tea ... hot ... in one of those earthen cups please. Add cardomom and ginger too please. Thank you.

      :D hee hee!
      sounds hot, looks cool! go right ahead!

    4. JP said...

      "Thought cafe" is perfect name for this.

    5. Sunil said...

      :D Thanks a lot Sanket.
      You always rock!

      @JP:Thanks a lot dear....Your comment matters a lot to me. :)

    6. pria said...

      I will go with "Brew Cafe" coz our thoughts always process hot or cold based on (our)emotions and others views.

    7. Yogesh said...

      The name is cool and so is your template especially the RSS feed icon :)

      Looking forward to your posts

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